[jian3. [Usu. wr. ]Homophone
N(1)  A small bamboo or wooden strip used to write on: [jian3ce4]1, [jian3ce4]2, [jian3su4]↓.
(2)  A written message: 書 written notes;
[jian3du2], [jian3zha2]↓.
(3)  A surname.
V(1)  Select, appoint to office: [jian3ba2], [jian3ren4]↓.
(2)  Be rude to, treat with contempt: [jian3man4], [jian3hu1]↓.
AdjSimple, brief, terse, concise: 筆字 [jian3bi3zi4], 體字 [jian3ti3zi4], [jian3zi4]↓;
[jian3ming2], [jian3lian4]↓;
而言之 in fine, in short.
Words1.板 [jian2ban3], n., a musical instrument used in Chin. opera. 
2.拔 [jian3ba2], v.t., select (able and good men) for official posts. 
3.便 [jian3bian4], adj., simple and convenient, handy. 
4.編 [jian3bian1], n., (1)  books, written works; 
5.編 [jian3bian1], n., (2)  an abridged compilation. 
6.筆字 [jian2bi3zi4], n., a simpler form of writing with fewer strokes. 
7.稱 [jian3cheng1], n. & v.t., abbreviated term, in short; 
8.稱 [jian3cheng1], n. & v.t., to abbreviate. 
9.單 [jian3dan1], adj., simple, easy (opp. 複雜 complex, difficult): 頭腦單 simple-minded; 
10.單 [jian3dan1], adj., 這很單 that's easy. 
11.短 [jian2duan3], adj., short, terse, brief. 
12.牘 [jian3du2], n., (1)  written records; 
13.牘 [jian3du2], n., (2)  letters, correspondence. 
14.放 [jian3fang4], v.i., formerly, be appointed to a provincial post by imperial decree. 
15.忽 [jian3hu1](1)  adj., scanty, too brief; 
16.忽 [jian3hu1](2)  v.t., to ignore, neglect (person, aspect). 
17.化 [jian3hua4], v.t., to simplify; 
18.化 [jian3hua4], v.t., 單化 n., simplification. 
19.章 [jian3zhang1], n., a set of simplified rules or regulations. 
20.札 [jian3zha2], n., a brief letter. 
21.捷 [jian3jie2]1, adj., short, to the point, simple and easily done. 
22.潔 [jian3jie2]2, adj., terse, concise. 
23.直 [jian3zhi2](1)  adj., outspoken, straightforward; 
24.直 [jian3zhi2](2)  adv., simply, really, very much: 直是個大笑話 it's simply ridiculous; 
25.直 [jian3zhi2], adv., 直不堪想像 it's really unimaginable; 
26.直 [jian3zhi2], adv., 直像個流氓 he looks (acts) very much like a rascal. 
27.括 [jian3kuo4], adj., summary, concise, condensed: 括地 in brief. 
28.練 [jian3lian4], adj., (of style of writing) concise, succinct and to the point. 
29.陋 [jian3lou4], adj., humble, unpretentious, of modest pretensions, plain and simple. 
30.略 [jian3lUe4], adj., simple, brief, terse, concise. 
31.慢 [jian3man4], v.t., to slight, treat as unimportant. 
32.明 [jian3ming2], adj., simple and clear, concise. 
33.任 [jian3ren4], v.t., appoint to government offices one grade below the ministerial rank. 
34.素 [jian3su4], n., bamboo tablets and silk used to write on. 
35.體字 [jian2ti3zi4], n., see [jian3bi3zi4]↑. 
36.冊 [jian3ce4]1, n., (1)  bamboo tablets for writing on in anc. times; 
37.冊 [jian3ce4]1, n., (2)  (AC, LL) books. 
38.策 [jian3ce4]2, n., ditto. 
39.字 [jian3zi4], n., (1)  a system of phonetic writing; 
40.字 [jian3zi4], n., (2)  short for 體字, see [jian3ti3zi4]↑. 
41.要 [jian3yao4], adj., concise, brief and to the point. 
42.易 [jian3yi4], adj., simple and easy, easy to learn (understand), elementary. 
43.約 [jian3yUe1], adj., brief, terse, concise.