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ㄐㄧㄢ [jian1.Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
NThe shoulder: 雙 the shoulders;
膀兒寬 have large circles of friends;
摩轂擊 overcrowded with people and traffic;
[jian1tou2], [jian1jia3]↓;
擔載 assume full responsibility;
[jian1zhang1], [jian1dai4]↓;
shoulder to shoulder;
擔道義 be a champion of righteousness and justice.
V(Lit. & fig.) to shoulder (responsibility), take on the shoulders: [jian1fu4], [jian1he4]↓;
挑 carry on the shoulder;
輿 [jian1yU2]↓;
鎗 carry arms.
Words1.膀 [jian1bang3], n., the shoulders: 有膀 willing to shoulder responsibilities. 
2.帶 [jian1dai4], n., a shoulder belt. 
3.負 [jian1fu4], v.t., assume responsibility for, carry (a burden). 
4.荷 [jian1he4], v.t., (lit. & fig.) carry on the shoulder. 
5.章 [jian1zhang1], n., an epaulet. 
6.胛 [jian1jia3], n., the shoulder blade. 
7.頭 [jian1tuo2], n., the shoulders. 
8.輿 [jian1yU2], n., a sedan chair, palanquin.