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ㄐㄧㄢˋ [jian4.Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
N(1)  (Peking dial. also [jin1]) a lunar month: 大,小 one of 30, 29 days.
(2)  A surname.
V(1)  Establish, set up, erect, found, create: 都,校 to found a capital, a school;
功 win glory for one's country or any group to which one belongs;
[jian4guo2], [jian4li4], [jian4she4]↓;
make new additional structures;
illegal structures;
reconstruct, build anew;
rehabilitate, rebuild.
(2)  Overturn: [jian4ling2]↓.
Words1.白 [jian4bo2], v.i., make appeal or recommendations on public affairs. 
2.朝 [jian4chao2], v.i., found a dynasty. 
3.國 [jian4guo2], v.i., create a new nation. 
4.基 [jian4ji1], v.i., lay the foundations. 
5.極 [jian4ji2], v.i., (of a monarch) ascend the throne. 
6.築 [jian4zhu2], v.t., build (houses, roads, bridges): 築物 a building, edifice, structure. 
7.立 [jian4li4], v.t., erect (a monument), build (a church, school, hospital), create (an office, agency, institution). 
8.瓴 [jian4ling2], adj. phr., (AC) as easy as letting spilt water flow down the roof. 
9.設 [jian4she4], n., new developments, progress; v.t., build up (a business, reputation, armed forces, agriculture, industry); 設性 adj., constructive; 設性批評 constructive criticism. 
10.樹 [jian4shu4], v.t., set up, establish; n., achievements. 
11.造 [jian4zao4], v.t., build (house, ship, railroad, highway). 
12.議 [jian4yi4](1)  v.i., make recommendations, offer suggestions, give advice; (2)  n., a proposal, resolution. 
13.寅 [jian4yin2], n., (AC) the dynastic calendar of Hsia (2205-1766 B.C.) with the month of Yirn (寅) as the first month of the year, see Appendix A.