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ㄐㄧㄢˇ [jian3.Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
NScissors: 刀 ditto;
指甲 (finger) nail-clippers;
candle snuffers.
V(1)  V.i., to cut, divide, separate, lop off: 短 to trim;
髮 haircut;
開 cut open, sever;
[jian3cai3], [jian3ying3]↓;
接 splice films.
(2)  Annihilate, destroy completely: [jian3chu2], [jian3mie4]↓;
草除根 (lit. & fig.) uproot, eradicate.
(3)  V.i., tie hands together.
Words1.報 [jian3bao4], n., newspaper clippings. 
2.除 [jian3chu2], v.t., wipe out, exterminate. 
3.刀 [jian3dao1], n., scissors. 
4.伐 [jian3fa2], v.t., (AC) (of trees) to prune or cut, lop off (branches). 
5.拂 [jian3fu2], v.t., (1)  to purge off, cleanse, wash away; (2)  (MC underworld sl.) greet with a deep bow. 
6. [jian2jian3], adj., (AC) (1)  narrow-minded, bigoted, prejudiced; (2)  (of wind) cutting, chilly, piercing. 
7.徑 [jian3jing4], v.i., (of robbers) hold up travellers. 
8.綹 [jian2liu3], v.i., pick a person's pocket; v.i., n., a pickpocket. 
9.滅 [jian3mie4], v.t., annihilate, exterminate. 
10.綵 [jian2cai3], v.i. & n., ribbon-cutting ceremony. 
11.裁 [jian3cai2], v.i., (1)  (tailoring) cut cloth to make dress or suit; (2)  (of litr. works) polish, refine, cut out superfluous words and phrases. 
12.子 [jian3zi0], n., scissors. 
13.影 [jian2ying3], n., (1)  silhouette; (2)  a cross-section, a sketch.