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ㄐㄧㄢˋ [jian4.Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
VDespise, look down upon: 之regard as worthless;
視 to disdain, scorn;
treat with indifference.
Adj(1)  Cheap, inexpensive, worthless: [jian4jia4], [jian4wu4]↓;
賣 sell cheap;
售 ditto.
(2)  Lowly, humble: 低 lowly;
(3)  (Self-deprecatory) my, my humble: [jian4nei4], [jian4qU1], [jian4shi4], [jian4yang4]↓;
姓 my name.
(4)  Despicable: [jian4ren2], 骨頭 [jian4gu2tou0]↓;
low, mean, base, low-down;
女人 a shameless woman, a cheap woman.
Words1.妾 [jian4qie4], n., (1)  a concubine of inferior rank; (2)  (of a woman referring to herself in speaking to her husband)“I, your unworthy wife.” 
2.軀 [jian4qU1], n., my worthless self. 
3.骨頭 [jian4gu2tou0], n., a worthless scamp. 
4.貨 [jian4huo4], n., (1)  cheap goods; (2)  a contemptible fellow, a mean person, (abuse) “hussy.” 
5.價 [jian4jia4], adj., low-priced. 
6.丈夫 [jian4jiang4fu1], n., a shameless and avaricious person. 
7.內 [jian4nei4], n., my (worthless) wife (cf. “my better half”). 
8.年 [jian4nian2], n., a year of drought. 
9.人 [jian4ren2], n., a term of reprobation for women. 
10.息 [jian4xi2], n., (rare) my unworthy son. 
11.室 [jian4shi4], n., my wife. 
12.物 [jian4wu4], n., a thing of little or no value, trash. 
13.恙 [jian4yang4], n., my illness. 
14.業 [jian4ye4], n., a dishonorable business, a lowly occupation.