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ㄐㄧㄢˇ [jian3.Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
N(1)  A book label.
(2)  A rule, model, pattern: 先自為式儀表 first set oneself up as an example for others to follow.
V(1)  To check, restrain, restrict: [jian3dian3], [jian3shu4]↓.
(2)  Examine, inspect: [jian3ding4], [jian3jiao4], [jian3yan4], [jian3cha2]1↓.
Words1.波器 [jian3bo1qi4], n., (phys.) a detector. 
2.查 [jian3cha2]1, v.t., inspect(luggage, passport, identity card, etc.): 衛生 (清潔) 查 health (sanitation) inspection. 
3.察 [jian3cha2]2, v.t., prosecute; 察官 public prosecutor; 察長 chief prosecutor; attorney general. 
4.點 [jian2dian3](1)  n., formerly, commander of the impertal-guard; (2)  v.t., pay close attention to (conduct), carefully check over. 
5.定 [jian3ding4], v.t., examine and certify (quality of commodities, purity of seeds): 定考試 evaluate a candidate's qualifications. 
6.校 [jian3jiao4]. v.t., to check up on. 
7.舉 [jian2jU3], v.t., to impeach, ferret out and openly denounce (irregularities, illegal acts, misconduct). 
8.修 [jian3xiu1], v.t., to revise. 
9.束 [jian3shu4], v.t., regulate, restrain (conduct). 
10.討 [jian2tao3], v.t., discuss thoroughly, to review: 討得失(利弊)review the merits and demerits. 
11.字 [jian3zi4](1)  v.i., find a character in a dictionary; (2)  n., list of characters arranged for ready indentification: 字表 such a table, index. 
12.驗 [jian3yan4], v.t., inspect and examine (troops, weapons and ammunition, training, etc.): 驗吏 an inspecting officer, inspector. 
13.疫 [jian3yi4], n. & v.t., quarantine; 疫法 (交通疫) quarantine. 
14.閱 [jian3yUe4], v.t., inspect or review (troops, a fleet, aircraft, honor guard).