Sadist Killing Practice

Many Japanese are convinced themselves that the massive killings in the Nanjing Massacre were because the Japanese Imperial Army was "afraid". They were so "afraid" that they tied up their victim before bayoneting him. Be serious. They were so proud of the killing and enjoyed watching it so much.

The first three photos (supplied by Zhirong. Thanks.) are not about the Massacre but taken in Xuzhou a few months later. They were put here to show that the Japanese soldiers were so proud about the killing because the photos were sent back to Japan as postcards.

However, the Japanese military was not that stupid. When Japanese reporters tried to publish these photos, they were censored. The Japanese military knew very well the sadist nature of those killings and obviously, they could not use the "afraid" excuse to damage the "brave" image of the Army. "Afraid"? What a joke. -- The Hall Maintainer

[NOTE: These photos are from Hora Tomio's book The Great Nanjing Massacre and the Kill All, Loot All, Burn All War. They are stamped by the military censors: "Not Allowed" to be published.