Links & Resources of Japanese Studies


  • Japanese Universities
  • Japan's Yahoo
  • What's New in Japan
  • Japan Information Network
  • WWW Virtual Library: Japan
  • Pacific-Asia Resource Center
  • Japan, Incorporated

    Japanese Government Sites

  • WWW Servers in Japanese Government
  • List of the current members of cabinet
  • Prime Minister's Office
  • Japan's Ministry of International Trade & Industry
  • Economic Planning Agency (EPA)
  • Science and Technology Agency (STA)

  • Liberal Democratic Party
  • Sakigake
  • New Frontier Party
  • Social Democratic Party of Japan
  • Japan Communist Party
  • Citizens Action League
  • Soga Gakkai

    News & Magazines

  • Kyodosha
  • Intersect Japan (a monthly magazine about Japan in English)
  • Opendoors, from Asashi shimbun
  • Tokyo KaleidoScoop (Social & Political Features from Japan)
  • Friday
  • Japan Times
  • Asahi Newspaper
  • Nikkei Net
  • The Daily Yomiuri
  • Kyodo News
  • The Mainichi Newspapers
  • Social Science Japan
  • NHK: Radio Japan

    Selected Sites

  • Center of Japanese Studies University of Michigan
  • Japan country study
  • Japan Sea Rim Information
  • Japan's vision of Asia


  • History of Parliamentary Institutions
  • Imperial Japanese Navy
  • DJ50: Germany and Japan 50 years after WWII
  • Legendary/Historical Figures in Japan
  • Major Events in Japanese History Brief chronology, 710 to 1867.
  • Brief History of the Samurai Article plus time line and glossary.
  • American Visits Japan, 1923 Excerpts from the diary of Charles Blauvelt.
  • National Museum of Japanese History A virtual tour of the museum. In English and Japanese.
  • Rekishi Kaido: A Bridge to Japanese History and Culture

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