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Research Institute for the Humanities
This Chinese University of Hong Kong site presents an index of humanities resources. The site includes an extensive list of directories and libraries containing information on art, music, languages, literature, philosophy and more.
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A project of France's National Audiovisual Institute, MediaPort is a repository of textual and graphic documents relating to "French and European events in art and media." Visitors are encouraged to learn more about MediaPort and its holdings. In French and English.
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Humbul Gateway
Oxford University in England maintains this index of humanities-related sites. The page includes general pointers, as well as a subject catalog that includes medieval studies, philosophy and religious studies, among other liberal arts topics.
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The Maine Antique Digest
The "Maine Antique Digest," a monthly newspaper, provides selected articles from current and past issues. Among the many online resources are auction calendars and catalogs, photos and prices of antiques sold recently, reports of stolen antiques and much more.
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The Robert W. Woodruff Arts Center
The Robert W. Woodruff Arts Center in Atlanta comprises a museum of art, a symphony, a theater company and a college of art. This site contains information on the divisions and the center itself.
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TOCS-IN is a searchable archive of the contents of more than 150 journals of interest to classicists. The data is divided into classics, archaeology, religion and near eastern studies, and miscellaneous.
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Social Sciences & Humanities INFOMINE
Social sciences and humanities Web resources can be accessed along with the latest related news through the INFOMINE Web site. The pages are maintained by the University of California.
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Canadian Federation of the Humanities Gopher Menu
The Canadian Federation of the Humanities is a nationwide nonprofit that promotes education and research in the humanities. Visitors here will learn about its programs and can download preprints and electronic texts. The gopher also lists the group's member societies and universities. In English or French.
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ARIADNE Network WWW Server
Greece's National Academic and Research Network of Computer Communication serves as the main access to the Hellenic Civilization database. The visual and performing arts, literature and museums are featured as are links to the Hellenistic News database, an online art gallery and other Internet links.
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Chorus: Reviews & Resources for "Real World" Computing
The Chorus describes itself as a collection of reviews and resources for "Real World" computing, combining the voices of the humanities disciplines with technology. This page presents a network of resources aimed at assisting scholars, and includes educational software, bibliographic programs and electronic education reviews.
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WWW Virtual Library: Humanities
This is the humanities index from the WWW Virtual Library at Göteborg University, Sweden. Its contents are divided into categories and sub-categories. Other humanities indexes are provided, as are resources such as text archives, dictionaries and organizations.
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The Stanford Linguist List
The linguistics department at Stanford University in Palo Alto, Calif., has set up this home page with information about the department's faculty, academic programs and research. A departmental newsletter and a link to the Stanford main home page also are offered.
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The New York Foundation for the Arts
Granting grants and offering support services to artists working throughout the state, the New York Foundation for the Arts works to bring contemporary art to the public. The non-profit's financial, educational and advocacy programs are outlined at this site for browsers to review.
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Related Readings
Related readings and resources in the humanities from theInstitute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities at the University of Virginia are presented here. The material is categorized by specific area in an alphabetical index.
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Postmodern Culture
The "Postmodern Culture" home page contains tables of contents for current and back issues of the electronic journal of interdisciplinary criticism. The journal's archives can be searched by subject or keyword.
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National Endowment for the Humanities
The National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH), a government agency that funds projects in history, philosophy, and other areas of the humanities, details its organization, background and aims here. The site includes application guidelines, an overview of recent awards, and a list of current grantees.
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Infinite Ink
Infinite Ink is dedicated to writing and teaching aboutcomputing, the foundations of math and science, and the philosophy of science, math and religion.
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The Humanities and Social Sciences Table of Contents
The Humanities and Social Sciences Table of Contents leads visitors to Internet resources grounded in the liberal arts. Find referrals to sites concerned with literary, historical and philsophical issues here.
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Humanities HUB
Maintained by the Faculty of Humanities at Australia's Griffith University, this page contains a list of selected resources for the Social Sciences and Humanities. Topics covered run from anthropology to women's resources.
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French Ministry of Culture
France's Ministry of Culture maintains this site with apotpourri of cultural information and links. Learn more about the Palaeolithic cave paintings found at Ardèche, French and Canadian Christmas traditions and link to La Villa Lumière, a celebration of the cinema. In French and English.
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Ethnographic Media Laboratory (EtnoLab) is part of Finland's University of Joensuu. It uses the latest media technologies to look at and research cultural studies in new ways. Visit its site for an online exhibition. In Finnish, with a smaller site in English.
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English Server at Carnegie Mellon University
The English Server at Carnegie Mellon University provides links to a large variety of humanities resources on the Internet. Visitors can peruse by topic, from art and architecture to women's studies.
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Chapman University's Department of Film & Television
This Orange, Calif.-based film education department invites you to tour itsfacilities and meet its faculty here. It details graduate and undergraduate programs and posts excerpts from "Animation Journal," a scholarly publication devoted to animation history and theory.
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BUBL Gopher Menu
The BUlletin Board for Libraries (BUBL) gopher site offers an encyclopedic collection of online resources for almost every query. Hosted by the University of Bath in England, the BUBL directories can also be accessed via the Web.
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Beyond Gutenberg: Hypertext and the Future of the Humanities
At this site is a conference announcment for Beyond Gutenberg: Hypertext and the Future of the Humanities, held May 12-13, 1994, at Yale University. A conference program, registration form and travel directions are provided.
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Visitors to this site can be pulled through a gallery of multimedia art. The site also includes pointers to the artist's hot links and biographical sketches of the artists.
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The American Humanist Association
The American Humanist Association is an organization dedicated to the study of mankind and to promoting human well-being. Visitors to its home page can read articles on humanism that range from a basic primer to humanism as it relates to religion.
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