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Book Store




News in Chinese

  • Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK):
    Radio News
    TV Programmes
  • Commercial Radio, Hong Kong
  • The Hong Kong Newspaper Database : preferred.
    provided by the Library system of the Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • Ming Pao Daily necessary.
  • Sing Tao Electronic Daily necessary.
  • Chinese News Digest (Huaxia Wenzhai)
  • Taiwan Daily Times (in Chinese)
  • Lianyi Tongxun
  • Xin Yu Si
  • Wei Ming

    On-Line News in English

  • CNN Home Page: featuring CNN Interactive's Video Vault
  • CBS News UTTMlink
  • NBC Live News
  • CBC RadioWork (Canada)

  • AlterNet (the Alternative News Network, IGC)
  • CET On-Line (daily news about Central & Eastern Europe)
  • Daily News
  • Hongkong Standard Newspaper Ltd.
  • Omnivore: Global News Site
  • The Newsroom
  • Today's US newspaper (Mercury Center Web)
  • Voice of America

  • Today's White House Press Release
  • DefenseLINK (Pentagon News Release)

  • In, Around and Online
  • Providence Business News
  • QuoteCom BusinessWire
  • Wall Street News Summary

  • Chicago Tribune
  • Commersant (Moscow)
  • New York Times Digest (Need AcroRead.)
  • Times News Group
  • Nando Times
    U.S. Report
    World Report
  • The Weekly Mail & The Guardian (South Africa)
  • Melbourne Age (Australia)
  • The Electronic Telegraph (UK)

    News in Other Languages




    Usenet Newsgoups

  • Find Newsgroups
  • Search Today's Usenet News
  • Grep The Newsgroups
  • SIFT Netnews Filtering Service
  • Semi-Automatic News HREFs
  • Anchorman (A Hierachical Newsreader)
  • Newslist (HTTP browsing of newsgroups written in Python)

  • Usenet Newsgroup Hierarchy with Searchable FAQ Archive
  • French newsgroups
  • Binary News Archive
  • Internet Newsgroups (A semi-hierarchial list)
  • mg's House of News Knowledge (Links to many Usenet-related resources)
  • Don't Spread that Hoax! (How to avoid being duped by prank Usernet postings)

    News about Internet

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