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ㄆㄧˇ [pi3.Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
N馬 a horse;
馬 lone rider;
馬 three horses: 馬單槍 phr., go to battle single-handed;
布 a length of clothing material;
a roll of clothing material (also wr. 疋).
Mate, match, equal: 無有其 without equal;
勇敢無 brave without equal;
VTo match: [pi3di2]↓.
lone: [pi3fu1]↓.
Words1.儔 [pi3chou2], n., equal, a worthy match. 
2.敵 [pi3di2], n., worthy opponent, good match (in strength). 
3.夫 [pi3fu1], n., an ordinary person, a lone person, everyman: 婦 everyman, common people, person without rank; 天下興亡,夫有責 everyman is responsible for his country; 夫之勇 (derog.) mere physical courage; 夫不可奪志 even an ordinary person has his unchangeable ambitions; 夫無罪懷璧其罪 (AC) a man's wealth is his own ruin (by causing others’ greed). 
4.練 [pi3lian4], n., (LL) waterfalls (similar to a stretch of shining silk). 
5.鳥 [pi2niao3], n., (LL) mandarin ducks who always go in pairs. 
6.偶 [pi2ou3], n., mate, life mate. 
7.配 [pi3pei4], n., life mate; equal match. 
8.庶 [pi3shu4], n., common people. 
9.亞 [pi3ya4], n. & adj., match, equal.