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ㄓㄚ [zha1(*ㄓㄚˊ [zha2, *ㄓㄚˇ [zha3).Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
V(1)  To pierce, prick or irritate by sharp point: 眼,札心,手,[zha1yan3], [zha1xin1], [zha1shou3], [zha1er3]↓;
札耳朵眼兒 pierce ear for earrings;
札耳朵.(2)  To embroider: 花兒 to embroider designs.
(3)  猛子 [zha1meng3zi0]↓.
(4)  (*[zha2]) To struggle: [zha2zheng0]↓.
(5)  To open up: 手舞腳 swing arms and legs, stand or sit restlessly;
(6)  (*[zha3]) To stop: 住 stop moving.
(7)  (*[zha2]) To tie up, var. of 紮 10.01.
Adj(1)  Broad: 腦門兒 broad-headed.
(2)  Widespread, open: 煞,[zha1sha0], [zha1le0zha1sha1]↓.
Words1.耳 [zha1er3], adj., grates on the ears, irritating to the ears: 這話聽著很耳朵 such words grate on my ears. 
2.根 [zha2gen1], v.i., take root (in s.t.). 
3.乎 [zha1hu0], v.i., (coll.) to show off: 剛剛有幾個錢就札乎起來了 (he) has just made a little money and immediately begins to show off. 
4.針 [zha1zhen1], v.i., to puncture skin with special needle in acupuncture. 
5.掙 *[zha2zheng0], v.i., to maintain, struggle to maintain, under difficult circumstances: 掙不住 cannot keep up or maintain (certain situation). 
6.空槍 [zha1kong1qiang1], phr., “fire a blank shot,”to buy on margin, deal in speculative venture. 
7.煞 [zha1le0zha1sha1], adj., widespread: 這棵樹煞的不好搬運 this tree, with its branches stretching out in all directions, is not easy to move. 
8.猛子 [zha1meng3zi0], v.i., (coll.) to swim fast head under water. 
9.蓬棵 [zha1peng0ke1], phr., (coll.) wear dishevelled hair. 
10.煞 [zha1sha0], v.t., spread wide-open: 她煞兩隻手 she spreads her two hands; see [zha1le0zha1sha1]↑. 
11.心 [zha1xin1], phr., “prick the heart”:這話聽著實在心 such words prick one's heart, cf.[zha1er3]↑. 
12.手 [zha1shou3], phr., “prick the hand”--(of affair) difficult to handle. 
13.實 [zha1shi0], adj., well in hand, firm, solidly planned or controlled. 
14.眼 [zha1yan3], phr., “irritate the eyes”--attract one's attention by strangeness or conspicuous dress, etc.