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ㄌㄧˋ [li4.Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
N(1)  Ability, capacity, mental power: 目;
sense of hearing;
bodily strength;
mental energy;
,生命 vitality;
生殖 virility, fecundity;
strength of purpose, perseverance;
energy, strength of character;
magic power;
記憶 memory;
創造 creativity;
影響 influence;
號召 public appeal;
financial power;
(範圍) (sphere of) influence;
national power;
armed forces;
military might;
而為 do one's utmost;
不從心 lacking the ability to do what one would like to do;
不勝任 without the required ability to undertake a given task;
之所及 what lies in one's power to carry out.
(2)  (Phys.) force, energy, power: 張 tension;
hydraulic power;
electric power;
thermodynamic power;
motive power;
向心 centripetal force;
離心 centrifugal force.
(3)  Muscular strength: 大無比 without a match in physical prowess;
氣活兒 work requiring physical exertions;
可拔山 so strong as to be able to lift a mountain;
筋疲盡 utterly exhausted, dead tired;
竭聲嘶 with voice hoarse and not an ounce of strength left;
過人 physically stronger than other people.
(4)  Physical labor: 苦 a coolie;
伕,[li4fu1], [li4yi4]↓.
(5)  A surname.
AdvEnergetically, vigorously, strenuously: 求上進 strive vigorously to improve oneself, to do better;
圖自強 (of nations) struggle to stand on one's own feet;
耕 engage in farming;
田 ditto;
戰 fight with all one's might;
請 to request most ardently;
行不怠 do (s.t.) persistently without letup;
爭上游 endeavor to gain the upper hand;
疾從公 continue to attend to one's duties in spite of illness;
據理爭 make utmost efforts to fight for one's point of view.
Words1.巴 [li4ba0], n., (northern dial.) a layman, an outsider, a person not in the trade (also 把,巴頭,巴兒,笨兒). 
2.氣 [li4qi0], n., strength, energy: 沒有氣 weak physically. 
3.錢 [li4qian2], n., a tip, gratuity paid to bearer of gifts. 
4.伕 [li4fu1], n., a porter. 
5.量 [li4liang4], n., strength, force, power: 感人的量 power to inspire people. 
6.士 [li4shi4], n., a person of great physical strength, (boxing) a prize fighter; oft. 大士. 
7.學 [li4xUe2], n., (phys.) mechanics. 
8.役 [li4yi4], n., conscript labor, labor service.