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ㄘㄞˊ [cai2.Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
N(1)  Ability, aptitude, natural gift: 能,幹,力,etc., [cai2neng2], [cai2gan4], [cai2li4]↓;
,詩 literary, poetic gift.
(2)  Person in regard to capability, personality, character: 人 useful person;
沒有人 lacking in capable men;
practical ability, person with such ability;
(contempt.) slave;
(abuse) dullard, idiot, imbecile;
小用 an able man given a small job;
,高 great talent;
小有 (person) gifted with a fair degree of cleverness, possesses certain but limited abilities;
難 really able men are difficult to come by;
(closely related 材 timber, 10B.00).
Adv(1)  (Emphatic assertion, similar to German doch) indeed: 那我不怕 I'm certainly not afraid of that;
妙了 would indeed be fun (if it should happen);
是我所喜歡的人 you (not anybody else) are the one I love.
(2)  Just, just now (in place of awkward character 纔): 剛 just now;
晴又雨 sky has just cleared and now it rains again;
要開飯客人來了 just as we were sitting down to dinner, a guest appeared.
Words1.氣 [cai2qi4] ([cai2qi0]), n., rich talent, brilliance of mind. 
2.情 [cai2qing2], n., great ability, esp. litr. aptitude. 
3.調 [cai2diao4], n., see [cai2qi4]↑. 
4.分 [cai2fen4], n., inborn ability. 
5.幹 [cai2gan4] ([cai2gan0]), n., practical ability. 
6.華 [cai2hua2], n., see [cai2qi4]↑. 
7.智 [cai2zhi4], n., wisdom and ability. 
8.具 [cai2jU4], n., aptitude, capability (of person). 
9.力 [cai2li4], n., force of personality, spirit. 
10.略 [cai2lUe4], n., resourcefulness, political ability. 
11.貌 [cai2mao4], n., personal appearance as reflecting ability. 
12.名 [cai2ming2], n., literary reputation. 
13.能 [cai2neng2], n., natural gift, talent, litr. or practical ability. 
14.人 [cai2ren2], n., talented scholar. 
15.士 [cai2shi4], n., good scholars. 
16.學 [cai2xUe2] ([cai2xUe0]), n., ability and learning, person's scholarship. 
17.思 [cai2si1], n., brilliance in writing. 
18.藻 [cai2zao3], n., see [cai2si1]↑. 
19.子 [cai2zi3], n., (1)  brilliant writer; (2)  子佳人小說 popular romance with a handsome scholar and a pretty girl. 
20.悟 [cai2wu4], n., aptitude for understanding. 
21. [cai2ying3], n., intellectual brilliance. 
22.媛 [cai2yUan2], n., a gifted maiden.