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ㄐㄧㄚ [jia1.Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
V(1)  Add to, increase: 俸,薪 raise one's pay, pay-hike;
add some more;
多 to increase, augment;
工 (of raw materials) to process into a finished product;
功 make redoubled efforts;
餐 eat adequatedly;
衣服穿 put on more clothes;
勉 make greater exertions;
more and more, all the more;
無以復 the last word, the best (worst) of its kind;
一等 doubly guilty;
寫 insert words;
印 to stamp or seal.
(2)  Confer, give, bestow: (之)於 give to, confer on;
罪於他 blame it on him;
be a party to, take part in;
Words1.班 [jia1ban1], v.i., to work overtime. 
2.倍 [jia1bei4], v.t., (1)  to double (an amount); (2)  redouble (efforts). 
3.法 [jia1fa3], n., (math.) addition. 
4.官 [jia1guan1], v.i., (1)  hold a concurrent job; (2)  formerly, be promoted to a higher position. 
5.害 [jia1hai4], v.t., intentionally hurt or injure, implicate, incriminate. 
6.號 [jia1hao4], n., (math.) the plus sign (+). 
7.護 [jia1hu4], v.t., (of gods) bless, take special care of. 
8.重 [jia1zhong4], v.i. & t., (1)  become or make heavier; (2)  impose a heavier burden or severer penalty on s.o. 
9.料 [jia1liao4], n., articles made of superior materials. 
10.禮 [jia1li3], v.t., treat with exceptional civility. 
11.厘 [jia1li2], n., (translit.) curry. 
12.侖 [jia1lun2], n., (translit.) a gallon. 
13.盟 [jia1meng2], v.i., become a member of an alliance, a fraternity or a secret society. 
14.冕 [jia1mian3](1)  v.t., to crown; (2)  n., coronation. 
15.拿大 [jia1na3dai4], n., Canada. 
16.入 [jia1ru4], v.t., join, enter, become a member of (a club, society, political party). 
17.數 [jia1shu4], n., (math.) a number to be added to another. 
18.速 [jia1su4], v.i. & t., accelerate: 速度 (phys.) acceleration; 速力 (phys). accelerated force. 
19.增 [jia1zeng1], v.t., to increase, raise, enhance, reinforce. 
20.言兒 [jia1ya2er0]1, v.i., embellish reported speech with malicious falsifications. 
21.鹽兒 [jia1ya2er0]2, v.i., ditto. 
22.一 [jia1yi1], adj., ten per cent (extra, surcharge). 
23.意 [jia1yi4], v.t., pay special attention to, heed. 
24.油(兒) [jia1you2]([er0]), v.i., to pep up, to cheer (game player).