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ㄍㄨㄥ [gong1.Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
N(1)  Achievements, accomplishments: [gong1ming2], [gong1de2], [gong1lao0], [gong1xUn1], [gong1li4]1, [gong1ji2], [gong1ye4]↓;
虧一簣 just one step short of success or completion;
不補過 demerits outweigh merits;
徒勞無 make futile efforts;
成身退 retire affer having made one's mark;
deserving of recognition for services rendered;
accomplish a great service or achivement.
(2)  Efficacy, good results: [gong1xiao4], [gong1yong4], [gong1neng2], [gong1li4]2↓.
(3)  Action deserving reward, merit (opp. 過 demerit): 記, give mark of credit;
碑 memorial tablet.
(4)  (Phys.) work.
(5)  A mourning garment: [gong1fu2]↓.
Words1.臣 [gong1chen2], n., formerly, loyal ministers with a record of distinguished service, (fig.) anyone who has rendered great service. 
2.德 [gong1de2], n., (1)  an achievement or contribution 德無量 a great service to mankind; (2)  (Budd.) meritorious works. 
3.夫 [gong1fu0], n., (1)  (interch. 工夫) time and energy expended on work; (2)  degree of perfection attained in any line of work: 夫甚深 knowledge of subject is profound. 
4.服 [gong1fu2], n., formerly, a mourning garment worn for nine months in case of 大 and for five months in that of 小
5.架 [gong1jia4], n., (1)  a person's conduct and carriage; (2)  an actor's movements and gestures on stage. 
6.績 [gong1ji2], n., merits, contributions. 
7.課 [gong1ke4], n., lessons, studies (also 工課). 
8.勞 [gong1lao0], n., meritorious services, contribution (great, small) to work, nation, etc. 
9.利 [gong1li4]1, n., utility, material gain: 利主義 utilitarianism. 
10.力 [gong1li4]2, n., (1)  merits, efficacy; (2)  (coll.) force and skill, esp. in regard to training. 
11.率 [gong1lU4], n., (phys.) power, degree of power. 
12.名 [gong1ming2], n., formerly, official honor or rank, esp. academic degrees in civil examinations. 
13.能 [gong1neng2], n., function, skill, ability. 
14.效 [gong1xiao4], n., effect (-iveness), efficacy (of medicine, etc.). 
15.勳 [gong1xUn1], n., services to the nation. 
16.業 [gong1ye4], n., outstanding accomplishments to nation or society. 
17.用 [gong1yong4], n., purpose, function; efficacy.