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ㄍㄨㄚ [gua1.Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
N(1)  (Bot.) any kind of melon or gourd: 西 the watermelon;
,香 the muskmelon;
the wax gourd;
the vegetable sponge, dish-cloth gourd;
the pumpkin;
,胡 the cucumber;
果 melons and fruits;
熟蒂落 (fig.) at the right time everything comes easy, (lit., “a melon falls when it is ripe”);
田李下 see 10.00;
田不納履 don't bend to tie shoes on a melon patch--to avoid suspicion.
(2)  A stupid person: 傻 a simpleton;
a fool;
a stupid fellow;
(of girl) sixteen years of age, lose virginity.
Words1.期 [gua1qi1], n., a term of service. 
2.代 [gua1dai4], n., (allu.) change of personnel between terms of service. 
3.瓞 [gua1die2], n., (term of eulogy) 瓞 may your family grow and prosper like spreading melon-vines! 
4.分 [gua1fen1], n. & v.t., to partition, divide (a country) 豆剖分 divide up s. t. just as one separates pea-pods or cuts melons into slices. 
5.葛 [gua1ge2], n., complications, involvement in dispute, interrelations, distant relatives. 
6.撓 (兒) (子) ([gua1nao2] ([er0]) ([zi0]), n., a peeler. 
7.皮 [gua1pi2], n., (1)  melon skin; (2)  anything that looks like melon skin: 皮帽 a skull cap; 皮艇 a small, light boat, canoe. 
8.瓤 [gua1rang2], n., the pulp of a melon. 
9.仁 (兒) [gua1ren2] (), n., the kernel of a melon seed. 
10.子 [gua1zi3], n., melon seeds.