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ㄕˊ [shi2.Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
N(1)  ([shi2zi0]) Stone, rock: [shi2tou0]↓;
塊 piece of stone;
堆 a heap of rocks;
穴,洞,窟 stone cave;
室,柱,橋 stone house, pillar, bridge;
海枯爛 (lovers’ pledge) till the seas dry up and rocks melt away;
破天驚 devastating (opinion, event);
心腸 heartless (“heart of iron or stone”);
之樂 the pleasures of living among rocks and springs;
鵝卵 round pebbles;
crushed stones;
,吸鐵 loadstone;
rocky cliff.
(2)  A dry measure for grain, a picul (of 100 catties, varying between 132 and 140 lbs.).
(3)  Stone inscriptions: 金,金文 inscriptions on bronze and stone.
(4)  Mineral elements in medicine: 藥 medicine in gen.
(5)  A surname.
Adj(1)  Made of stone.
(2)  Unproductive: [shi2tian2]↓;
女,[shi2nU3], [shi2tai1]↓.
Words1.板 [shi2ban3]1, n., see [shi2ban3]2↓. 
2.版 [shi2ban3]2, n., (1)  a slab of stone; n., (2)  slate: [shi2ban3shi2], n., lithographic stone. 
3.斑魚 [shi2ban1yU2], n., garoupa. 
4. [shi2bie1], n., (zoo.) Liolophura japonica
5.壁 [shi2bi4], n., stone wall, precipice, cliffside. 
6.筆 [shi2bi3], n., slate pencil; n., [shi2bi3shi2], n., slate. 
7.菖蒲 [shi2chang1pu2], n., (bot.) Japanese sweet flag, Acorus gramineus
8.長生 [shi2chang2sheng1], n., maidenhair fern, Adiantum monochlamys
9.器 [shi2qi4], n., stone implements: 器時代 the stone age. 
10.青 [shi2qing1], adj., dark green; mineral color much used in Chin. painting. 
11.床 [shi2chuang2], n., stalagmite. 
12.蓴 [shi2chun2], n., (bot.) the common sea lettuce, Ulva lactuca
13.膽 [shi2dan3], n., (min.) chalcanthite (also called 膽礬). 
14.黛 [shi2dai4], n., black lead, graphite, anciently used as eye pencil. 
15.刁柏 [shi2diao1bai3], n., (bot.) garden asparagus, Asparagus officinalis
16.耳 [shi2er3], n., an edible mushroom grown on rocks, Gyrophora rellea
17.髮 [shi2fa3], n., (bot.) lichens, hair-like growth on rocks (also called 髮菜). 
18.帆 [shi2fan2], n., (zoo.) a fanshaped deposit of insects like coral, Rhipidogorgia
19.敢當 [shi2gan3dang1], n., a piece of stone tablet, inscribed with these words and placed facing street corners, to ward off evil spirits. 
20.膏 [shi2gao1], n., gypsum, plaster of Paris. 
21.工 [shi2gong1], n., stone mason. 
22.鼓 [shi2gu3], n., set of ten ancient stone drums containing inscriptions (鼓文) variously ascribed to between 8th and 3rd cen. B.C. 
23.畫 [shi2hua4]1, n., mosaic. 
24.化 [shi2hua4]2, v.t., petrify, -fied. 
25.黃 [shi2huang2]1, n., (min.) orpiment (also called 雄黃). 
26.磺 [shi2huang2]2, n., (zoo.) a sea animal, Onchidium verruculatum
27.花菜 [shi2hua1cai4], n., (bot.) a seaweed, agar-agar, Gelidium cartilagineum
28.灰 [shi2hui1], n., lime; 灰燈 limelight; 灰水 Aqua calcariae, [shi2hui1shi2], limestone; 灰酸 carbolic acid, phenol; 灰岩 limestone. 
29.火 [shi2huo3], n., a flash of flint sparks, symbolic of shortness of human life. 
30.斛 [shi2hu2], n., (bot.) Dendrobium moniliforme
31.胡荽 [shi2hu2sui1], n., (bot.) the pennywort. 
32.基 [shi2ji1], n., (geol.) ground-mass. 
33.鹹 [shi2jian3], n., Chin. lye concoction, used like soap. 
34.匠 [shi2jiang4], n., stone mason. 
35.經 [shi2jing1], n., inscriptions of classics on stone. 
36.櫧 [shi2zhu1], n., (bot.) a variety of oak. 
37.鐘乳 [shi2zhong1ru3], n., stalactite. 
38.竹 [shi2zhu2], n., (bot.) pinks; carnations, Dianthus chinensis
39.決明 [shi2jUe2ming2], n., (zoo.) a kind of abalone. 
40.拒 [shi2jU4], n., the octopus (also called 章魚). 
41.刻 [shi2ke4], n., sculpture, stone carvings. 
42.坑 [shi2keng1], n., stone pit. 
43.蠟 [shi2la4], n., (chem.) paraffin; 蠟容電器 paraffin condenser. 
44.理 [shi2li3], n., rock structure. 
45.榴 [shi2liu2], n., the pomegranate: 榴裙下 infatuated with a woman (“prostrate before pomegranate skirt”); n., [shi2liu2shi2], n., (min.) garnet. 
46.硫黃 [shi2liu2huang2], n., crude sulphur. 
47.淋 [shi2lin2], n., stone in the bladder. 
48.聾 [shi2long2], adj., stone-deaf. 
49.龍芻 [shi2long2chu2], n., (bot.) the Baltic rush, Juncus balticus, whose stems can be woven into mats. 
50.龍子 [shi2long2zi0], n., a lizard. 
51.綠 [shi2lU4], n., (min.) malachite. 
52.綿 [shi2mian2], n., (also [shi2rong2]↓) (1)  asbestos; (2)  chrysotile. 
53.脈 [shi2mo4]1, n., (geol.) veins of minerals. 
54.墨 [shi2mo4]2, n., (min.) graphite. 
55.腦油 [shi2nao3you2], n., naphtha: 腦油精 naphthalene. 
56.南 [shi2nan2], n., (bot.) Rhododendron metternichii
57.女 [shi2nU3], n., woman organically incapable of sexual intercourse. 
58.蕊 [shi2rui3], n., (bot.) Cladonia rangiferina, a plant whose leaves are used like tea, called 雲茶; (chem.) litmus: 蕊試紙 litmus paper. 
59.絨 [shi2rong2], n., see [shi2mian2]↑. 
60.乳 [shi2ru3], n., see [shi2zhong1ru3]↑. 
61.像 [shi2xiang4], n., stone statue. 
62.首魚 [shi2shou3yU2], n., croaker, a fish, Seiaena schlegeli, also called 黃花魚 or 黃魚. 
63.室 [shi2shi4], n., a stone house, sometimes used as vault for document, library, or mausoleum. 
64.蒜 [shi2suan4], n., (bot.) Lycoris radiata
65.髓 [shi2sui3], n., stalactite (also [shi2zhong1ru3]↑). 
66.松 [shi2song1], n., (bot.) Lycopodium clavatum: 松類 Lycopodiales
67.筍 [shi2sun3], n., stalagmite. 
68.炭 [shi2tan4], n., coal: 炭系 carbonaceous system; 炭紀 (geol.) Carboniferous period; 炭酸 carbolic acid. 
69.胎 [shi2tai1], n., a dead embryo or other growth. 
70.田 [shi2tian2], n., barren, unproductive soil. 
71.頭 [shi2tou0], n., a rock:頭子兒 pebble. 
72.蠶 [shi2can2], n., (zoo.) (1)  Rhyacophila; (2)  coral-like growth, madrepora
73.蓯蓉 [shi2cong1rong2], n., (bot.) Statice arbuscula
74.子 [shi2zi0], n., pebble: 子路 pebble walk. 
75.韋 [shi2wei3], n., (bot.) a fern, Polypodium lingua
76.巖 [shi2yan2]1, n., (1)  stone cliff or cliffside; (2)  (bot.) Rhododendron obtusum
77.鹽 [shi2yan2]2, n., rock salt. 
78.衣 [shi2yi1], n., a water plant (also called 烏韭,苔). 
79.印 [shi2yin4], n., lithograph, -y. 
80.英 [shi2ying1], n., (min.) quartz. 
81.油 [shi2you2], n., petroleum; 油苯 [shi2you2ben3] benzine; 油氣 [shi2you2qi4] liquidized petroleum gas, also known as 瓦斯. 
82.尤風 [shi2you2feng1], n., (LL) windstorm (also 郵風).