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ㄐㄧㄠ [jiao1Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
N(1)  Friend: 故,知 old friends;
生死 friends for life.
Friendship: 訂,結 become friends;
friendly relationships: 國,邦 international relations;
break up or sever relations;
restore relations;
,淺 deep, shallow friendship;
diplomatic relations;
情,[jiao1qing2], [jiao1yi4]2↓.
V(1)  Hand over, transfer: [jiao1fu4], [jiao1ge2], [jiao1xie4]↓;
hand over (duties of office, documents, real estate);
出 render up;
下 hand down;
辦 assign (work, task to subordinate);
到 deliver to;
上 present (to superior);
deliver by messenger boy;
give to s.o. in person;
turn over item by item;
白卷 fail to answer any of the questions in an examination, (fig.) fail to carry out an assignment;
卷 turn in the examination paper;
卷主義 a get-it-over-with and devil-may-care attitude;
錢,款 make payments or pay bills;
清 (of goods) all delivered;
貨 deliver goods;
船上貨價 F.O.B. (free on board);
稿 submit manuscript;
還 return, give back;
回 ditto.
(2)  Be on good terms with, come into contact with: [jiao1hao3], [jiao1huan1], [jiao1ji4]↓: 神 (of two persons reciprocally) know a person by reading his works;
朋友 be friends, (of boy or girl) have girl friends, boy friends;
[jiao1you3], [jiao1wang3]↓.
(3)  Come close to, join, alternate, engage in: [jiao1bing1], [jiao1feng1], [jiao1zhan4]↓;
頭接耳 whisper into each other's ears, talk confidentially;
[jiao1tan2], [jiao1huan4]↓;
close a business deal.
(4)  Unite in sexual intercourse: [jiao1gou4]↓, [jiao1he2]↓;
sexual copulation.
(5)  (Of two straight lines) to cross: [jiao1dian3], [jiao1cha1]↓.
Adj(1)  Simultaneous(ly): [jiao1jia1]↓.
(2)  Each other: [jiao1hu4]↓.
Words1.保 [jiao1bao3], v.t., let (suspect) go on bail. 
2.拜 [jiao1bai4], v.i., (of bridegroom and bride) kowtow to each other to formalize the marriage. 
3.杯酒 [jiao1bei1jiu3], n., formerly, mutual toasting by the bridegroom and the bride on their wedding day. 
4.臂 [jiao1bei4], n. & adj., (1)  n., a chance meet: 臂失之 fail to meet s.o. by a narrow chance; n. & adj., (2)  adj., arm in arm. adj., close together. 
5.兵 [jiao1bing1], v.i., to wage war, to fight (with weapons). 
6.叉 [jiao1cha1], v.t. & n., intersect, -ion: 叉點 point of intersection. 
7.差 [jiao1chai1], v.i., render a report of what one has done in line of duty. 
8.鈔 [jiao1chao1], n., (MC) the paper currency of the Yuarn and Mirng Dyns. 
9.契 [jiao1qi4], v.i., be on friendly terms (with person). 
10.情 [jiao1qing2], n., friendship, mutual affection. 
11.代 [jiao1dai4], v.t., (1)  (of two or more persons) succeed one another; (2)  ([jiao1dai0]) bid, order, give instructions: 代他不要嚕囌 tell him not to pester me; 代的清清楚楚 have given clear and precise orders; (3)  transfer of duties: 代差事,辦代 transfer duties; give an account of one's charge: 他沒有代一聲就走了 he went away without leaving a word. 
12.道 [jiao1dao4], n., personal relations: 他很難打道 he is hard to get along with. 
13.點 [jiao1dian3], n., a point of intersection. 
14.耳 [jiao1er3], v.i., to whisper into each other's ears. 
15.鋒 [jiao1feng1], v.i., engage in battle, fight with weapons. 
16.付 [jiao1fu4], v.t., hand over (things); pay (money, bills). 
17.感神經 [jiao1gan3shen2jing1], n., (physiol.) the sympathetic nerve. 
18.給 [jiao1gei3], v.t., hand to (s.o.). 
19.割 [jiao1ge2], n., a business transaction. 
20.媾 [jiao1gou4], v.i. & n., (have) sexual intercourse, coitus. 
21.關 [jiao1guan1], adv., (Shanghai dial.) very, extremely, exceedingly. 
22.好 [jiao1hao3], v.t., be friends with: 咱們好有年 we have been friends for many years. 
23.合 [jiao1he2], v.i. & n., (have) sexual intercourse, see [jiao1gou4]↑. 
24.換 [jiao1huan4], v.t., to change, interchange. 
25.歡 [jiao1huan1], v.i., establish cordial relations with one another. 
26.互 [jiao1hu4], adv., mutually, reciprocally. 
27.鬨 [jiao1hong4], v.i. & n., wrangle, squabble, brawl, feud. 
28.戰 [jiao1zhan4], v.i., go to war, become a belligerent: 戰國 a belligerent. 
29.加 [jiao1jia1], adv., all at once: 貧病加 dogged by poverty and illness at one and the same time; 拳足加 give (s.o.) both punches and kicks. 
30.接 [jiao1jie1], v.t., (1)  come into contact with; (2)  maintain friendly relations with. 
31.界 [jiao1jie4], n., boundary, frontier, borders. 
32.結 [jiao1jie2]1, v.t., (1)  (of persons) associate with; (2)  (of things) interconnect, intertwine. 
33.睫 [jiao1jie2]2, v.i., close one's eyes to sleep. 
34.節氣 [jiao1jie2qi4], n., (1)  a sudden seasonal change; (2)  relapse of chronic illness with seasonal change. 
35.際 [jiao1ji4](1)  n., friendly or social intercourse; (2)  v.i., 善際 be socially active; v.i., 際花 a social butterfly; 際費 allowance for entertainment, social contact, etc. 
36.頸 [jiao1jing3], v.i., “necking,” make love. 
37.口 [jiao1kou3], v.i., speak in unison: 口稱讚 praise by one and all. 
38.流 [jiao1liu2](1)  v.i., (of air currents or water) to flow in opposite directions; (2)  n., crosscurrents, (electricity) alternating current: 文化流 cultural interchange. 
39.買賣 [jiao1mai3mai4], phr., maintain long-time patronage by clients. 
40.派 [jiao1pai4], v.t., assign as a duty. 
41.迫 [jiao1po4], v.i., (of pressures) come from all sides: 餓寒迫 suffer from both cold and hunger. 
42.涉 [jiao1she4], v.i. & n., negotiate, -ation, discuss, -ion. 
43.響曲 [jiao1xiang2qU3], n., (mus.) symphony; 響樂 [jiao1xiang3yUe4], n., ditto: 響樂團 symphony orchestra. 
44.卸 [jiao1xie4], v.i., hand over the duties of office to one's successor. 
45.手 [jiao1shou3], v.i. & t., (1)  to salute with the hands folded and raised in front; (2)  hold one hand with another; (3)  fight with fists. 
46.綏 [jiao1sui1], v.i., (of armies) to fight, be locked in battle. 
47.談 [jiao1tan2], v.t., talk with, discuss, exchange views with. 
48.替 [jiao1ti4], v.i., come one after another. 
49.錯 [jiao1cuo4], adj., interlocked, intertwined, intermingled: 縱橫錯 arranged in a crisscross pattern. 
50.通 [jiao1tong1], n., (1)  communications and transportation: 通車 office bus; (2)  traffic 通警察,通規則,通事件,通法庭,通訊號 traffic police, rules, accidents, court, signals. 
51.子 [jiao1zi3], n., (MC) name of a paper note issued during the Suhng Dyn. 
52.往 [jiao1wang3], v.i., associate with, have dealings with. 
53.尾 [jiao1wei3], v.i. & n., (of animals and insects) copulate, -tion. 
54.惡 [jiao1wu4], v.i., become enemies. 
55.午 [jiao1wu3], n., noontime. 
56.易 [jiao1yi4]1, v.i. & n., interchange, (engage in) trade, (do) business transaction: 易所 stock market. 
57.誼 [jiao1yi4]2, n., friendly relations, friendship. 
58.椅 [jiao1yi3], n., an armchair. 
59.友 [jiao1you3], v.i., make friends. 
60.遊 [jiao1you2], n., a circle of friends; v.i., make friends. 
61.運 [jiao1yUn4], v.i. & n., (have) a spell of good fortune.