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ㄧˋ [yi4.Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
Adv(LL=vern.也) also: 係 is also;
好 also good;
可 also will do, may also;
is it not (also);
善乎 is it not good? 不危乎 is it not dangerous? ... both ... and;
趨 follow (leader) walking or running, i.e., completely;
笑 both cry and laugh.
Words1.且 [yi4qie3], adv., & conj., and also, as well: 且省錢 save money as well. 
2.發 [yi4fa1], adv., (MC) all the more; simply. 
3.復 [yi4fu4], adv. & conj., see [yi4qie3]↑. 
4.然 [yi4ran2], adv., also, too, similarly.