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ㄊㄨㄛ [tuo1.Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
N([tuo1zi0], [er0]) (1)  Small tray or support for utensils: 茶(兒) tea saucer;
盤,[tuo1pan2], [tuo1zi0]↓.
(2)  Lining for collar, fur, etc.: 裡 ditto;
V(1)  To hold or hold up s.t. on palm of hand, to support from under: 在手裡 hold s.t. on open palm;
塔天王 a Taoist god who held a pagoda in his open hand;
著走 go about holding s.t. resting on open hand;
起來 lift up from under;
著盤子 holding tray in hand;
著下巴 rest chin in hand;
腮 rest cheek in hand.
(2)  Put lining in: 一層紙(布) to line with paper (cloth);
出來 serve as contrast (such as supporting cast, flower arrangements).
(3)  To entrust s.t. to another, to rely on, to request a favor (interch 託): 你一件事 I want to ask you to do s.t.;
把這件事交你 I entrust this matter to you;
,求,請 (common var. 託) request a favor;
人情 ask s.o.’s favor;
人說好話 ask s.o. to put in a nice word;
賴 rely on;
孤 entrust orphan to (friend);
兒所 [tuo1er2suo3]↓;
身(足)之處 a place for a living, or to live in;
to give form to feelings, ambitions, through poetry, etc.
(4)  To give as pretext: 病不見 refuse to see visitor on pretext of illness;
故不來 fail to show up on some pretext.
Words1.缽 [tuo1bo1], v.i., (沿門缽) (of mendicant monks) to beg for alms (with “alms bowl in hand”). 
2.地 [tuo1di4], adv., (MC) suddenly: 地跳將過去(=突然). 
3.兒所 [tuo1er2suo3], n., day nursery, where working mothers can deposit their children for the day. 
4.賴 [tuo1lai4], v.t., (MC) thanks to (=modn. 庇). 
5.領 [tuo1ling3], n., stiffing material for collar. 
6.墨 [tuo1mo4], adj., (of writing paper) support ink well. 
7.盤 [tuo1pan2], n., a tray. 
8.子 [tuo1zi0], n., a tray support.