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ㄇㄧˇ [mi3.Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
N(1)  Rice, husked rice (known as 稻 90A.21 in the fields): 飯 cooked rice;
white rice;
spiked millet;
puffed rice;
glutinous rice;
紅穀 red rice;
西 sago;
珠薪桂 rice and fuel are expensive (“like pearls and cassia”) in times of famine;
common rice;
japonica rice;
蓬萊 ditto;
(2)  Small dried object: 蝦 dried shrimp;
花生 peanut.
Words1.粉 [mi2fen3], n., noodles made of rice-flour. 
2.炷蟲 [mi3zhu4chong2], n., rice worm; (fig.) hoarding rice merchant. 
3.糠 [mi3kang1], n., rice chaff, bran. 
4.粒(兒) [mi3li4]([mi3lie4er0]), n., grain of rice. 
5.色 [mi3se4], n., pale brown, buff color. 
6.湯 [mi3tang1], n., rice soup; 灌湯 flatter (a person). 
7.突 [mi3tu0], n., meter: 突制 [mi3tu0zhi4], n., metrical system.