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ㄎㄤˋ [kang4.Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
NA surname.
V(1)  To resist (force, pressure, enemy): 敵 resist enemy;
拒 resist, stand up against (invasion, force);
日戰爭 war of resistance against Japan;
衛,禦 defend (country) against aggression.
(2)  To defy: 命 defy order;
act against, defy (rule, order);
稅 (糧) refuse to pay tax (rice tax).
(3)  To take stand against, protest: 議,[kang4yi4], [kang4lun4]↓;
stand against.
(4)  To stand as equal: 衡,[kang4heng2], [kang4li3]↓.
(5)  To carry thing on shoulder: 物,東西,一袋米 carry things, a bag of rice on shoulders.
(6)  (Vern.) to hide away: 把這包東西起來 hide away this package.
Adj(Interch. 亢) high, upright: 直 (=亢直) upright;
節,志 upright character.
Words1.毒素 [kang4du2su4], n., antitoxin. 
2.告 [kang4gao4], v.i. & t., to lodge complaint against (s.o.) at court. 
3.衡 [kang4heng2], v.t., (LL) match, be equal to: 與之衡 match another (in prestige, ability, etc.). 
4.戰 [kang4zhan4], n., war against aggression; specifically the war against Japan, 1937-45. 
5.禮 [kang4li3], phr., 分庭禮 (AC) (of rules, diplomats) meet as equals. 
6.論 [kang4lun4], v.i. & n., (make) brave defense against opposite view: 論時世 make frank criticism of the times. 
7.熱板 [kang4re4ban3], n., (astron.) heat shield. 
8.生素 [kang4sheng1su4], n., antibiotics. 
9.濕紙 [kang4shi1zhi3], n., waterproof paper. 
10.體 [kang4ti3], n., (med.) immune bodies, antibodies. 
11.足 [kang4zu2], phr., stand on tiptoe: 翹首足 (AC) “crane one's neck and stand on tiptoe” in admiration. 
12.議 [kang4yi4], v.i. & t. & n., protest: 提出議 lodge a formal protest. 
13.原 [kang4yUan2], n., (med.) antigen (also 體原).