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ㄐㄧˋ [ji4.Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
NAbility, skill: 倆 tricks;
[ji4yi4], [ji4neng2]↓;
,小 minor skills;
雕蟲小 (contempt.) a precious or purely decorative style of writing;
incomparable skill;
a blow against which there is no defence.
Words1.巧 [ji4qiao3], adj. & n., dexterity, -trous, ingenuity, -nuous. 
2.工 [ji4gong1], n., a mechanic. 
3.正 [ji4zheng4], n., a senior specialist, foreman; see [ji4shi4]↓. 
4.擊 [ji4ji2], n., boxing, pugilism. 
5.能 [ji4neng2], n., specialized skill, ability. 
6.術 [ji4shu4], n., technique; 術人員 technical personnel. 
7.師 [ji4shi1], n., a technical expert. 
8.士 [ji4shi4], n., a junior specialist, see [ji4zheng4]↑. 
9.癢 [ji4yang3], phr., to itch for a chance to show off. 
10.藝 [ji4yi4], n., (1)  mechanical arts; (2)  expert skill.