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ㄋㄧㄡˇ [niu3.Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
V(1)  Twist, wrench, turn round, sprain: 送 seize and turn over to (police, etc.);
打 to tussle, wrestle;
結 to tussle together;
斷 wrench off;
開 break (s.t.) open by force;
筋 sprain (ankle, wrist, etc.);
傷 sprain;
壞 (of human body) sprain, (of things) damage by manipulation;
了脖子 have one's neck sprained;
過臉 turn one's face away;
頭 turn one's head;
乾 wring (s.t.) dry;
曲作直 (lit.) “turn (s.t.) crooked straight”-(fig.) turn black into white.
(2)  (Of bodily movement) swing from side to side: wriggle;
腰 wriggle one's waist;
屁股,臀 wriggle one's buttocks.
Adj bashful;
股兒糖 in a twisting or wriggling manner;
搭搭 swinging from side to side.
Words1.轉 [niu3zhuan3], v.t., turn round: 轉頭去 turn round your head; 轉劣勢 to check deteriorating conditions; 轉大局 save a critical situation; 轉乾坤 save a country or the world from disaster; 轉心腸 make (s.o.) change his mind. 
2.舞 [niu2niu2wu3], n., rock-and-rolk.