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ㄜˋ [e4.Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
NU.f. 軛 10D.70, harness shaft.
V(1)  To strangle (throat): 虎 strangle a tiger.
(2)  To take firm hold of: [e4shou3]↓;
AdjEssential, salient: [e4yao4]↓.
Words1.吭 [e4hang2], v.i., to choke, suffocate. 
2.制 [e4zhi4], v.t., to keep under control by force. 
3.守 [e4shou3], v.t., to guard (strategic point). 
4.腕 [e4wan4], v.i., to wring one's wrists in sorrow or despair. 
5.要 [e4yao4], adj. & adv. & n., (the) essential(ly), salient points as in summary: 請要的說一遍 tell us the essential points.