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ㄓㄠˇ [zhao3.Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
V(1)  To look for: [zhao3xUn0]↓;
遍了 have looked for everywhere;
不到 cannot find;
出來 find out;
西 look for in all directions;
人 look for missing person or one with unknown address;
幫手,替身 look for help, substitute;
差事 look for job;
出路 look for way out or job with a future;
門路 look for approach to an important person;
(2)  Invite: 打,打罵 ask for a spanking, scolding;
麻煩 asking for unnecessary trouble;
對頭 ready to risk a fight.
(3)  To get the balance of change: 錢 ditto;
不用了 never mind the change.
(4)  See person responsible: 有事我 I shall be responsible if anything happens.
Words1.病 [zhao3bing4], v.i., to invite trouble. 
2.補 [zhao2bu3], v.i., get balance due in cash. 
3.碴兒 [zhao3cha2er0], v.i., to pick quarrel. 
4.場 [zhao3chang2], v.i., try to save one's face. 
5.縫子 [zhao3feng4zi0], v.i., look for opening for attack, look for pretext. 
6.轍 [zhao3zhe2], v.i., to explain away former mistake. 
7.落兒 [zhao3lao4er0], v.i., look for a steady job. 
8.面子 [zhao3mian4zi0], v.i., try to save face. 
9.細兒 [zhao3xie4er0], v.i., try to better one's work. 
10.尋 [zhao3xUn0], v.i., to search for (s.t. or person). 
11.死 [zhao2si3], phr., (contempt.) 你來死 this is your end (I warn you). 
12.頭 [zhao3tou0], n., the change due at a purchase.