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ㄆㄧ [pi1.Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
N(1)  Lot, load, shipment (of goods);
group (of people): 這人 these people;
學生 this group of students;
貨 a shipment of goods;
一大 a big lot;
寄到 send in separate lots.
(2)  Annotation, marginal comment in books: 眉,頂 comment on top of page;
written comments on side of page;
comment in red ink.
V(1)  To slap: 頰 slap one's face;
嘴巴子 slap on the face.
(2)  To slice as with knife: 逆鱗 “slice against fish scales,”i.e., rub one the wrong way and incur anger;
卻導窾 make penetrating criticism (like carving joins by skillful butcher);
亢擣虛 attack enemy at his weak spots.
(3)  To comment: 八字 to make astrologer's comment;
make official comments on documents: 駁,回,[pi1bo2], [pi1hui2], [pi1zhun3]↓.
(4)  To correct papers, annotate texts, see [pi1zhu4]↓.
Words1.駁 [pi1bo2], v.t., reject (official request or communication with adverse comment). 
2.單 [pi1dan1], n., bill of sale. 
3.發 [pi1fa3], v.i. & n., wholesale: 發生意 wholesale business; 發商 wholesale dealer; 發價 wholesale price. 
4.改 [pi1gai3], v.t., correct (school papers, drafts). 
5.回 [pi1hui2], v.i., reject or send (request, petition) back with comments. 
6.註 [pi1zhu4], v.i., to annotate with comments. 
7.准 [pi1zhun3], v.t., officially approve, grant (request, proposal). 
8.判 [pi1pan4], v.t., judge (case), give official judgment: 某某學說之判 a critique of certain theories. 
9.評 [pi1ping2], v.t. & n., criticise (-ism); 文學評 literary criticism. 
10.首 [pi1shou3], v.i., (MC) to rank first among candidates. 
11.閱 [pi1yUe4], v.t., read or see official document, with remarks.