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ㄔㄜˇ [che3.Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
V(1)  To pull (apart, off): 破了,壞了,爛 to pull about and spoil, break by pulling and fumbling;
開嘴巴 open mouth wide;
開嗓子 speak or sing out loud;
住袖子 pull by the sleeve;
住不放 grab (person) and will not let go;
鈴 pull the bell;
衣領 grab by the collar;
頭髮 pull by the hair;
下 pull up and down;
東拉西 talk incoherently, also put together (money, etc.) from different sources or do patch work in writing.
(2)  To tear (off, apart): 碎 tear to pieces;
crumble up and tear (paper);
(3)  To hoist (sail, flag).
(4)  To involve by talk, to ramble in all directions, to lie: 牽的人太多 involve too many persons (in scandal);
拉拉 or 拉拉 pull and push, ramble in talk;
西 ditto.
(5)  To gossip, talk irresponsibly, to lie: [che3huang3]↓;
,胡,亂 gabble, gossip irresponsibly.
Words1.倒 [che2dao3], v.i., quit: 倘不願意,倒罷休 if you don't like it, you can just quit. 
2.淡 [che3dan4], v.i., talk idly. 
3.謊 [che2huang3], v.i., to lie: 不用謊 don't lie to me. 
4.拉 [che3la1], v.t., involve (person) in talk: 拉上人 (or 別人) mention names, involve others. 
5.落 [che3luo0], v.i., as in 心愛的人落著你 (MC) s.o., who loves you will not let you go. 
6.票 [che3piao4], phr., (1)  destroy (a ballot, ticket); (2)  (coll) kill kidnapped person when ransom is not paid. 
7.臊 [che3sao4], v.i., should be ashamed, shame on you! talk nonsense. 
8.手 [che2shou3], n., the reins.