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ㄓㄜˊ [zhe2(*ㄕㄜˊ [she2 *ㄓㄜ [zhe1).Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
N(1)  A bend, a twist :曲 22.41.
(2)  Discount: 七 30% discount;
40% discount;
(3)  An act in Yuarn drama
(4)  A surname.
V(1)  To break off: [zhe2duan4]↓;
花木 to break off flowers and branches;
柳,[zhe2liu3], [zhe2gui4]↓;
骨 break a bone;
open a letter;
券 burn I.O,U. (act of generosity).
(2)  (*[she2]) Break: 棍子了 the cane is broken in two.
(3)  To pronounce verdict, to judge: [zhe2yU4]↓.
(4)  To die young: 夭,早.
(5)  ([zhe2] or *[she2]) To lose money in business: 虧 ditto;
損 ,[zhe2sun3], [zhe2ben3]↓;
耗 depreciate in value.
(6)  To admire (person): 心 admire person's superior ability;
(7)  To discount, sell at lower rate, convert property into cash: 不不扣 no discount, also completely (true, etc.);
半 50% discount;
變,賣 to sell property, [zhe2bian4], [zhe2mai4]↓;
合,[zhe2he2] [zhe2zhang4]↓.
(8)  To humiliate: 磨,[zhe2mo0], [zhe2ru4]2↓.
(9)  (*[zhe1]) To toss about: 跟頭 turn somersault:過兒 turn over
餅,騰,[zhe2bing3], [zhe2teng0], [zhe2luo2]↓.
(10) To cool (liquid) by pouring into another cup successively.
(11) To turn back: [zhe2hui2]↓;
入 turn into another street.
Words1.半 [zhe2ban4], v.i., to sell at half price. 
2.北 [zhe2bei3], v.i., be defeated. 
3.本 [zhe2ben3] (*[she2ben3]), v.i., sell below cost. 
4.變 [zhe2bian4], v.i., (1)  to sell property to pay debt; (2)  (in Suhng Dyn.) to pay tax by equivalent value in some other goods. 
5.餅 *[zhe1bing3], v.i., to toss about in bed (as in colic, like “turning over cake” in oven). 
6.衝 [zhe2chong1], v.i., to blunt enemy attack: 衝樽俎 to conduct diplomatic negotiations (樽俎 “over wine. and meat” dinners). 
7.斷 [zhe2duan4], v.t., to break in two. 
8.服 [zhe2fu2]1, v.i., to admit defeat, admit another's superiority (also wr. 伏). 
9.福 [zhe2fu2]2, v.i., to be extravagant or enjoy inordinately (lit., “overdraw on reserve of happiness”). 
10.乾兒 [zhe2gan1] ([zhe2ga1er0]), v.i., to give gifts of cash instead of articles. 
11.桂 [zhe2gui4], v.t., to pass the degree in civil examinations (“break the laurel branch” like Eng. “win the laurel wreath”). 
12.合 [zhe2he2], v.t., to be worth (thirty dollars, etc.) after discount or accounting to exchange rates. 
13.回 [zhe2hui2], v.t., to turn back on the road. 
14.賬 [zhe2zhang4], v.i., to pay by goods in lieu of cash. 
15.履 [zhe2ji1], phr., (allu.) joy of receiving a great friend-- “break the wooden clogs”over a threshold in the rush of welcome. 
16.價 [zhe2jia4], v.i., mark down price; make cheap sale. 
17.節 [zhe2jie2], v.i., (1)  to lower or humiliate oneself; (2)  to change one's beliefs or loyalties. 
18.中 [zhe2zhong1], v.i., to compromise; 中辦法 a compromise (also wr. 衷). 
19.枝 [zhe2zhi1], v.i., (1)  to paint only two or three branches in a painting; (2) 為長者枝 (allu.) s.t. very easy to do. 
20.扣 [zhe2kou0], n., discount: 多少扣 what is the discount? 
21.柳 [zhe2liu3], v.i., (allu.) “break a willow branch” when parting with friend. 
22.籮 *[zhe1luo2], n., leftover of a banquet, collected in a basket, chop suey. 
23.賣 [zhe2mai0], v.i., to sell property to pay debt (=變賣), see V.i. & t.7↑ 
24.磨 [zhe2mo2], v.i. & n., (or 磨) a series of mishaps, hardships or slow torture by mistress: 經過了這場磨 after the series of persecutions. 
25.入 [zhe2ru4]1, v.i., (1)  turn into another street; (2)  recovered capital at discount. 
26.辱 [zhe2ru4]2, v.t. & n., humiliate, -ed, -tion. 
27.煞 [zhe2sha0], v.t., (or 殺) break the luck: 你煞我 you overwhelm me with more than what I deserve, see [zhe2fu2]2↑. 
28.射 [zhe2she4], v.t. & n., (phys.) refract, -tion. 
29.現 [zhe2xian4]1, phr., convert into cash. 
30.線 [zhe2xian4]2, n., (math.) broken line. 
31.受 [zhe2shou4]1, v.t., see [zhe2fu2]2↑. 
32.壽 [zhe2shou4]2, phr., to do s.t. (such as overindulgence) which cuts short a man's normal span of life; enjoy now, pay later. 
33.水 [zhe2shui3], n., discount in exchange. 
34.損 [zhe2sun3], v.t. & n., to damage, a damage (in property, flowers in garden, reputation, etc.). 
35.騰 *[zhe1teng0], v.i. & t., (1)  to toss about; (2)  indulge or spend freely: 他把上萬家當都騰了 he has squandered away a fortune of over ten thousand dollars. 
36.頭 [zhe2tou0], n., discount, discount for commission agent. 
37.腰 [zhe2yao1], phr., to “bend one's waist”: 不能為五斗米腰 (陶淵明) cannot make curtsies for the salary of five bushels of rice-sick of officials life. 
38.獄 [zhe2yU4], phr., to decide a legal case: 片言可以獄 (AC) can settle a case at court with a few simple words.