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ㄊㄡˊ [tou2.Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
V(1)  To throw, cast away, fling (s.t.);
石 throw stone;
炸彈 throw bomb;
竿,綸 cast line in angling;
throw down: 筆(翰)從戎 throw down the pen and join the army;
袂而別 whisk one's sleeves and depart;
簪 throw down offical job;
戈 lay down the arms;
鞭斷流 if the soldiers threw their whips into the river, it would be enough to stem the current--fig. of size of troops;
鼠忌器 throw s.t. at a rat, but afraid to break the vase--caution in taking action;
桃報李 exchange gifts between lovers, friends;
擲,[tou2zhi2], [tou2qi4]↓.
(2)  Project an image: 影 cast reflection in water;
(3)  Throw oneself: 水,海,河 jump into water to drown oneself;
火 jump into fire, also throw s.t. into fire;
繯 hang oneself (繯= noose);
羅網 walk into trap;
入軍隊 join the army, enlist;
敵,降 surrender to enemy;
胎 (of spirit) enter the womb, be born again (as another person).
(4)  To submit, send in, deliver: 書,函,拯郵 send letter;
稿 submit article to publisher;
刺,名片,帖 send in one's card;
考 apply for entrance examination;
告,官 surrender or report to police;
稟 send in petition;
票,[tou2piao4], [tou2zi1]↓.
(5)  Seek shelter, stop over: 入懷抱 find comfort and warmth in embrace (of church, country);
親 go and stay with relatives;
店 stop over at inn;
門路 ask friend to help get job;
靠,宿 [tou2kao4], [tou2su4]↓.
(6)  Fit into, be attracted toward: 意氣 (氣味, 臭味) 相 friends attracted to each other by common tastes: 簧 be mutually compatible, fit into;
其所好 cater to person's pleasures, tastes;
Words1.案 [tou2an4], v.i., (of party in volved) report to court, surrender oneself to police. 
2.奔 [tou2ben4], v.i. & t., seek shelter (in country, place), esp. return to freedom: 奔自由 escape to freedom. 
3.標 [tou2biao1], v.i., submit bid for contract. 
4.誠 [tou2cheng2], v.t., surrender to, switch loyalty to. 
5.棄 [tou2qi4]1, v.t., abandon, throw away. 
6.契 [tou2qi4]2, v.i., feel attracted toward each other, get along well. 
7.親 [tou2qin1], v.i., go and stay with relative (usu. as dependent). 
8.遞 [tou2di4], v.t., deliver (letter, gift). 
9.稿 [tou2gao3], v.i., submit manuscripts. 
10.戈 [tou2ge1], v.i., lay down arms. 
11.合 [tou2he2], v.i., (talks, persons) agree with each other. 
12.荒 [tou2huang1], v.i., send, go away to distant regions. 
13.壼 [tou2hu2], n. & v.i., ancient game of throwing arrows into vases, described in 禮記. 
14.機 [tou2ji1], v.i., (1)  play opportunist: 機份子 opportunist; 機取巧 take advantage of the moment; (2)  speculate on stocks; (3)  get along well: 他們談得很機 they are having a very interesting talk together; 話不機 dissidence of opinion in talks, resulting in estrangement. 
15.杼 [tou2zhu4], phr., “leave the loom”, (allu.) mother of good Confucianist unbelieving when first told of her son being murderer, but believing it on third time--influence of rumor and gossip. 
16.擲 [tou2zhi2], v.t., to throw, cast (stone, etc.). 
17.止 [tou2zhi3], v.i., stop over for the night. 
18.考 [tou2kao3], v.i., apply for entrance examination, register and take part in any examination. 
19.靠 [tou2kao4], v.t., to go and live (with person) as dependent. 
20.老 [tou2lao3], v.i., (MC) retire for old age. 
21.明 [tou2ming2](1)  adv., toward down; (2)  棄暗明 (of bandits, rebels) give oneself up to the government. 
22.暮 [tou2mu4], adv., (MC) toward dusk. 
23.票 [tou2piao4], v.i., cast vote. 
24.射 [tou2she4], v.i., to project. 
25.生 [tou2sheng1], v.i., be reincarnated (as another person). 
26.轄 [tou2xia2], phr., (AC allu.) “cut off axle” as a way of asking and insisting friend not to depart. 
27.降 [tou2xiang2], v.i., to surrender: 無條件降 unconditional surrender. 
28.首 [tou2shou3]1, v.i., report to police, admit guilt. 
29.手 [tou2shou3]2, n., (baseball) pitcher. 
30.順 [tou2shun4], v.t., see [tou2cheng2]↑. 
31.宿 [tou2su4], v.i., stop over (at inn) for the night. 
32.胎 [tou2tai1], v.i., be reincarnated. 
33.子 [tou2zi0], n., dice (=骰子). 
34.資 [tou2zi1], v.i., to invest.