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ㄓㄨㄚ [zhua1 (sp. pr. ㄓㄠ [zhao1).Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
V(1)  To scratch: 癢 scratch an itch;
破臉兒 (coll.) openly break relations (lit., “scratch face till it bleeds” or “come to blows”);
耳撓腮 twisting ears and beards in pondering.
(2)  To clutch, grab, to get or get at indiscriminately: 住 to clutch fast;
取 to grab at;
一劑藥 to buy a lot of prescribed herbs;
錢 to grab money, in a hurry to get rich;
不起來 too soft to be lifted;
大頭 a game of picking lines leading to covered numbers (for pooling money), in which the 大頭 pays more than the others;
尖兒賣快 show avid attentions to s.o. to curry favor;
工夫 (coll.) steal time for idling.
(3)  To catch, arrest (thief).
Words1.碴兒 [zhua1cha2er0], v.i., make use as pretext. 
2.哏 [zhua1gen2], v.i., (in Chin. drama) make ad lib jokes. 
3.會 [zhua1hui4], n., a club in which subscribers pay a certain amount monthly, the sum going to the person who shakes out the best dice. 
4.鬮兒 [zhua1jiu1er0], v.i., draw lots. 
5.周兒 [zhua1zhou1er0], v.i., on child's first anniversary, different objects (abacus, writing brush, etc.) are placed before baby to see which article it tries to grab, indicating future inclination. 
6.局 [zhua1jU2], v.i., to make a raid on gambling den. 
7.撓 [zhua1nao0], v.t., (1)  to scratch (itch); (2)  to scramble, clutch and grab: 別撓東西 don't scramble a set of things; (3)  to struggle, clamber: 他們兩人撓起來了 the two begin to clutch at each other; (4)  to hustle, make hastily: 幫他們撓飯 help them hurry up the meal; 撓撓 adv., hurriedly: 撓撓把飯吃了 finished the meal hurriedly; (5)  撓兒 n., a children's game of bending and unbending fingers. 
8.瞎 [zhua1xia1], v.i., act in a flurried or confused manner. 
9.彩 [zhua1cai3], v.i. & n., to raffle; a raffle. 
10.早兒 [zhua1zao3er0], adv., get up early (to start journey, etc.).