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ㄧˋ [yi4.Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
V(1) To stop, block, hinder, repress: 強扶弱 restrain the powerful and help the weak;
制,[yi4zhi4], [yi4zhi3]↓;
割 (AC) abandon, cut off.
(2)  (AC) to bend (head);
to concede.
Conj(LL) or, or else (somewhat rhet.): 人歟,鬼耶 is it a human being or is it a ghost?
不知乎,不為乎 didn’t he know, or didn't he want to do it? [yi4huo4]↓;
Words1.且 [yi4qie3], conj., furthermore, besiders. 
2.糴 [yi4di2], v.i., compulsorily buy grain from the people at reduced prices. 
3.或 [yi4huo4], conj., or else, or perhaps (rhet.). 
4.制 [yi4zhi4], v.t., to repress (desire, rebellion, etc.); v.t., 制劑 n., depressant, sedative. 
5.止 [yi4zhi3], v.t., to stop; suppress. 
6.勒 [yi4le4], v.t., to restrain by force, to suppress. 
7.搔 [yi4sao1], v.i., (AC) to massage (parents) and scratch itches for them. 
8.塞 [yi4se4], (LL)(1)  v.i. & t., to block progress; (2)  adj., or p.p., (drain) blocked; adj., (people) hindered from rising to top. 
9.損 [yi4sun3](1)  v.t., (LL) to restrain (excesses); (2)  v.i., to minimize oneself, be modest. 
10.揚 [yi4yang2](1)  adj., rising and falling (of tones, rhythm); (2)  n., praise and blame; (3)  adj., drifting aimlessly. 
11. [yi4yi4], adj., (AC) meticulously correct (manners).