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ㄓㄨˋ [zhu4.Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
N(1)  Help: 借,求 ask for help (from s. o.);
於 of no help to;
(2)  a good wife;
賢內 your excellent wife.
VHelp, assist, aid: 相 help each other;
我一臂之力 lend me a hand;
人 help others;
to assist by action, to give moral support;
(其成) to help accomplish s. t.;
to help on the side, to lend support to;
我也 thanks be to God;
紂為虐 give support to a tyrant;
者 heaven help those who help themselves.
Words1.動詞 [zhu4dong4ci2], n., (gram.) auxiliary verb. 
2.長 [zhu4zhang3], v.t., to accelerate growth artificially, to force growth: 勿長勿 let the good in man grow naturally (without too much conscious cultivation)--Mencius. 
3.賬 [zhu4zhen4], v.i., to give aid in famine relief. 
4.教 [zhu4jiao4], n., an assistant at college. 
5.裝 [zhu4zhuang1], n., money given friends on departure (to help buy 行裝 or things needed on journey). 
6.力 [zhu4li4], n., help, a helping hand. 
7.理 [zhu4li3], v.t. & n., to assist; an assistant. 
8.手 [zhu4shou3], n., an assistant (in surgery, etc.). 
9.勢 [zhu4shi4], v.i., give oral or moral support. 
10.學金 [zhu4xUe2jin1], n., scholarship for needy students. 
11.產士 [zhu4can3shi4], n., midwife. 
12.詞 [zhu4ci2], n., (gram.) an auxiliary, also used of grammatical particles. 
13.威 [zhu4wei1], v. i., see [zhu4shi4]↑.