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ㄉㄡˋ [dou4. [Var. is really not needed]Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
N(1)  Various kinds of beans: 大,黃 soybean;
black beans, much used as sauce;
hyacinth bean;
broad beans;
kidney beans;
(=相思子 10B.41);
荷蘭 peas in the pod.
(2)  Anc. sacrificial vessel.
Words1.餅 [dou4bing3], n., bean cake, consisting of crushed soybean husks used as fertilizer. 
2.青 [dou4qing1], adj., pea-green. 
3.萁 [dou4qi2], n., beanstalk. 
4.豉 [dou4chi3], n., pickled black bean; black bean sauce. 
5.腐 [dou4fu0], n., bean curd: 腐乾 treated dehydrated bean curd; 腐漿 whey from bean curd, a drink; 腐皮 hard substance obtained from bean whey; 腐乳 fermented bean curd. 
6.羹 [dou4geng1], n., simple fare. 
7.醬 [dou4jiang4], also 瓣醬 [dou4ban4jiang4], n., sauce made from soybean. 
8.漿 [dou4jiang1], n., see 腐漿 under [dou4fu4]↑. 
9.莢 [dou4jia2], n., bean or pea pod. 
10.汁 [dou4zhi1], n., a drink made from ground green peas. 
11.蔻 [dou4kou4], n., nutmeg, cardamon; 蔻年華 teenage of girls.  
12.兒粥 [dou4er0zhou1], n., porridge made from peas in the pod. 
13.綠 [dou4lU4], adj., pea-green. 
14.苗(兒) [dou4miao2]([er0]), n., young green sprout from bean. 
15.娘子 [dou4niang2zi0], n., (zoo.) a small insect, Agrion quadrigerum
16.乳 [dou4ru3], n., see 腐乳 under [dou4fu4]↑. 
17.沙 [dou4sha1], n., bean paste, sweetened and used as stuffing in cakes. 
18.象 [dou4xiang4], n., (zoo) a bean-destroying insect, Bruchus chinensis
19.素 [dou4su4], n., (chem.) legumin. 
20.芽(兒) [dou4ya2]([er0]), n., bean sprout. 
21.油 [dou4you2], n., soya sauce.