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ㄔㄜ [che1 (re. pr. *ㄐㄩ [jU1).Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
N(1)  A vehicle: [che1liang4]↓;
an automobile, a motor car;
a railway train: 火頭 a locomotive;
a chariot, a carriage;
an ox cart;
a handcart;
雞公 (Szechuan dial.) a wheelbarrow;
坦克 a tank;
a sedan;
腳踏,自行 a bicycle;
摩托,機 a motorcycle;
a tramcar, streetcar;
a motor truck, a lorry, a freight car;
旅行 a station wagon;
a tank truck;
a sport(s) car;
school bus;
救火 a fire engine;
救護 an ambulance;
a hearse;
a police van;
a special car (train);
a railway coach;
,人力,黃包 a rickshaw;
三輪 a pedicab, a tricycle.
,飯 a dining car, a diner;
a sleeping car, a sleeper, Pullman (car);
floats: 花遊行 a float parade;
,開 drive a car;
,坐,搭 go by car (train);
board a car (train);
alight from a car (train);
載斗量 immense quantities;
水馬龍 heavy traffic on street (“an endless stream of horses and carriages”)
匠 a wheel wright;
的 a carter;
的 a car driver, chauffeur;
禍 traffic accident;
笠之盟 true friendship.
(2)  Any device which operates with the help of wheels: 紡 a spinning wheel;
a crane;
a pulley;
a windmill;
(Cantonese dial.) a sewing machine;
a water cart, a water wheel, a wooden treadmill for lifting water.
(3)  (*[jU1]) A surname.
(4)  A pawn in chess, the “chariot.”
V(1)  Carry in a cart: 煤,米 to cart away coal, rice.
(2)  To lift (water): 水 do this by means of a water wheel.
(3)  To shape (things) on a lathe.
Words1.把 [che1ba3], n., the handle bars of a bicycle or rickshaw. 
2.前 [che1qian2]1, n., (bot.) the plantain, Plantago major var. asiatica
3.錢 [che1qian2]2, n., money paid for hiring a car (cart, rickshaw, etc.). 
4.床 [che1chuang2], n., a turner's lathe. 
5.道 [che1dao4], n., a driveway. 
6.燈 [che1deng1], n., the headlight of an automobile or motorcycle, a bicycle lamp. 
7.墊(子) [che1dian4]([zi0]), n., car cushions. 
8.費 [che1fei4], n., cartage, car fare, car hire. 
9.夫 [che1fu0], n., a carter, a cart driver; also chauffeur. 
10.轂轆 [che1gu1lu0], n., car wheels: 轂轆話 the same words repeated again and again; 轂轆圓 (sp. pr. [che1gu1lu0yUan4] a children's game in which they join hands to form a circle and dance and sing. 
11.行 [che1hang2], n., (1)  a place where carts may be bought or hired; (2)  a garage; (3)  a car dealer's. 
12.後喘 [che1hou4chuan3], n., (sl.)part of retinue running after a carriage-a lackey. 
13.長 [che1zhang3], n., the conductor of a train. 
14.站 [che1zhan4], n., (1)  a railway station; (2)  a bus stop. 
15.照 [che1zhao4], n., a car license. 
16.轍 [che1zhe2], n., (1)  a rut made by a passing vehicle; (2)  a driveway or track for cars. 
17.腳錢 [che1jiao3qian0], n., fee paid for the delivery of goods. 
18.架 [che1jia4], n., a lathe. 
19.駕 *[jU1jia4], n., carriage. 
20.磔 *[jU1jie2], n., (AC) formerly, dismemberment of a person by making carts pull in different directions. 
21.騎 *[jU1ji4], n., (1)  carriages and horses; (2)  formerly, title of a military commander. 
22.軸 [che1zhou2], n., the axle. 
23.捐 [che1jUan1], n., a vehicle license fee. 
24.鍊 [che1lian4], n., the roller chain of a bicycle, the tire chain of an automobile. 
25.輛 [che1liang4], n., vehicles, carriages, carts, cars, esp. in traffic. 
26.裂 *[jU1lie4], n., (=[che1jie2]↑). 
27.輪(兒)(子) [che1lun2] ([che1lun2er0])([zi0]), n., car wheels: 輪會 a group of persons who take turns to invite one another to dinner; 輪戰 formerly, a fight in which several persons take turns to engage one opponent in combat to tire him out. 
28.馬 [che1ma3], n., carriages and horses: 門前冷落馬稀 the house was deserted and there were few callers; 馬費 travel allowance. 
29.幔 [che1man4], n., the curtain of a carriage. 
30.門兒 [che1men2] ([che1men2er0]), n., side doors of a motor vehicle or carriage. 
31.牌 [che1pai2], n., the number plate of a vehicle. 
32.棚 [che1peng2]1, n., a shed for vehicles. 
33.篷(子) [che1peng2]2([zi0]), n., the awning of a cart. 
34.票 [che1piao4], n., a train or bus ticket. 
35.皮 [che1pi2], n., (railway) unloaded rolling stock. 
36.身 [che1shen1], n., the body of a car or carriage. 
37.箱 [che1xiang1], n., (1)  compartments of a railway train; (2)  railway coaches; 箱兒 (a) the inside of a car or carriage; (b) the boot (trunk) of an automobile. 
38.胎 [che1tai1], n., car tires. 
39.頭 [che1tou2], n., a train locomotive. 
40.僮 [che1tong2], n., attendants on a railway train. 
41.子 (1) *[jU1zi0], n., formerly, a cart driver; (2)  ([che1zi0]), a cart, carriage, wagon. 
42.資 [che1zi1], n., car fare. 
43.帷 [che1wei2]1, n., see [che1man4]↑. 
44.圍(子) [che1wei2]2([zi0]), n., the cloth hood of a carriage. 
45.沿兒 [che1ya2er0], n., the edge of a carriage. 
46.轅(兒)(子) [che1yUan2] ([che1yUan2er0])([zi0]), n., the shafts of a cart or carriage.