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ㄐㄧㄥ [jing1.Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
N(1)  A metropolitan city: [jing1du1], [jing1shi1]↓;
Tokyo, Tonkin;
Peking, Peiping.
(2)  Ten million.
(3)  A surname.
AdjEqual: 莫之與 without an equal, nothing is comparable.
Words1.報 [jing1bao4], n., the official gazette of the capital. 
2.城 [jing1cheng2], n., the capital city. 
3.腔 [jing1qiang1], n., (1)  = 調 [jing1diao4]↓; (2)  the Mandarin or Peking dial. 
4.調 [jing1diao4], n., Peking opera or other songs popular there. 
5.都 [jing1du1], n., the national capital; (Japan) Kyoto. 
6.官 [jing1guan1], n., formerly, officials in the capital. 
7.華 [jing1hua2], n., the national capital. 
8.畿 [jing1ji1], n., the national capital and its suburbs. 
9. [jing1jing1], adj., (AC) sad, sorrowful: 憂心 disconsolate is my sad heart. 
10.劇 [jing1jU4], n., the Peking opera. 
11.派 [jing1pai4], n., the Peking style of singing (opp. 海派 the Shanghai style). 
12.平 [jing1ping2], n., formerly, a unit of weight for measuring silver, which was slightly smaller than 庫平, the Treasury Scale. 
13.師 [jing1shi1], n., the national capital. 
14.室 [jing1shi4], n., the imperial household. 
15.曹 [jing1cao2], n., see [jing1guan1]↑.