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A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
N(LL) private parts, genitals: [si1chu4]↓.
V(1)  (AC, LL) to have sexual relations with (woman, man): [si1tong1]↓.
(2)  V.i., (AC) to urinate.
Adj(1)  Private, -ly, personal, -ly, opp. 公 public: 產,[si1chan3], [si1fang2]↓;
有 privately owned;
見 (court.) my humble view, a selfish preconception;
謁 see (person) in private;
印 private, personal seal;
地 private property;
款 one's own money;
函 personal letter.
(2)  Of the family, opp. public or government: [si1jia1]↓;
祠 family temple;
忌 death anniversary in the family;
艱 (LL) death of parents.
(3)  Secret, confidential, -ly: [si1yU3]↓;
[si1ben1], [si1xia4], [si1xin1], [si1zhong1]↓.
(4)  Illegal: 貨,商,[si1huo4], [si1shang1], [si1yan2]↓;
[si1chang1]↓, 相授受 illegal transfer of public or private property, offer and acceptance of bribes in secret, have underhand secret dealings.
(5)  Selfish: 自 ditto;
opp. 公 public-spirited or what is public;
大公無 impartial, no personal or selfish consideration;
不分 do not distinguish what in one's own and what is public (money).
Words1.奔 [si1ben1], v.i., to elope. 
2.弊 [si1bi4] (sy-'bi), n., corrupt practice. 
3.產 [si1chan3], n., private property. 
4.娼 [si1chang1], n., private prostitute. 
5.錢 [si1qian2], n., (1)  formerly, illegal money, coins; (2)  personal money. 
6.親 [si1qin1], n., personal relative. 
7.情 [si1qing2], n., personal relations; personal feelings (for friends, family); illicit love. 
8.權 [si1chuan2], n., (law) personal rights. 
9.處 [si1chu4], n., private parts (of body), the genitals. 
10.曲 [si1qU3], n., selfishness; selfish desires. 
11.德 [si1de2], n., personal character. 
12.地 [si1di4]1, n., private property (land); adv., secretly. 
13.第 [si1di4]2, n., private residence. 
14.底下 [si1di3xia0], adv., privately, unknown to others. 
15.鬥 [si1dou4], n., personal fights, quarrels; also clan fights. 
16.訪 [si1fang3], v.t., see (person) unofficially, (formerly, of officials) make inspection trip incognito. 
17.販 [si1fan4], n. & v.t., a smuggler; to smuggle. 
18.坊 [si1fang0]< n., formerly, pederast; an establishment where pederasts are housed. 
19.房 [si1fang0] ([si1fang0]), n., (1)  private rooms; (2)  (coll.) woman's private savings. 
20.館 [si1guan3], n., private residence. 
21.孩子 [si1hai2zi0], n., illegitimate child. 
22.和 [si1he2], v.i., (law) settle out of court. 
23.話 (兒) [si1hua4]([er0]), n., strictly personal talk, not to be repeated. 
24.諱 [si1hui4], n., parents’ personal names, tabooed in the family. 
25.貨 [si1huo4], n., smuggled goods. 
26.宅 [si1zhai2], n., private residence. 
27.家 [si1jia1], n. & adj. & adv., (1)  what concerns a person's private life; in private capacity; (2)  (what one does) at home. 
28.見 [si1jian4], n., personal views; (court.) my personal opinion. 
29.交 [si1jiao1], n., a personal friend. 
30.計 [si1ji4], n., personal plan; selfish plan. 
31.己 [si1ji3], adj. & n., one's own (affairs); personal (benefits). 
32.酒 [si1jiu3], n., bootleg, bootlegged liquor, moonshine. 
33.衷 [si1zhong1], n., (1)  personal feeling; (2)  (court.) my feeling on the matter. 
34.科子 [si1ke1zi0], n., (MC) private brothel. 
35.悃 [si1kun3], n., (LL) see [si1zhong1]↑. 
36.累 [si1lei3], n., (LL) family burden. 
37.立 [si1li4]1, adj., private (school, institution). 
38.利 [si1li4]2, n., private profit. 
39.門 [si1men2], n., (LL) private access to or connections with officials. 
40.面兒 [si1miaher0], n., parties to dispute in their private capacity. 
41.囊 [si1nang2], n., a person's moneybag: 飽 (入) 囊 embezzle public funds. 
42.暱 [si1ni4], v.t., be intimate with (person, a favorite). 
43.人 [si1ren2](1)  adj., private, (in) private capacity, personal; adj., 人請求 private request; (2)  n., personal friends or relatives, confident. 
44.商 [si1shang1], n., smuggler. 
45.生子 [si1sheng1zi3], n., illegitimate child. 
46.下 [si1xia4] (sy-'shia), adv., privately, secretly: 下裡 ditto. 
47.信 [si1xin4], n., personal letter. 
48.心 [si1xin1], adj. & n., selfish, -ness: 心話 confidential talk. 
49.刑 [si1xing2]1, n., illegal torture to extract confession. 
50.行 [si1xing2]2(1)  adv., secretly, on one's own initiative; (2)  n., personal conduct. 
51.淑 [si1shu2]1, v.t., (AC, LL) to study personally under (master). 
52.墊 [si1shu2]2, n., private school; home school with private tutor. 
53.屬 [si1shu3], n., family relatives (children, etc.) 
54.事 [si1shi4]1, n., private, personal affairs. 
55.室 [si1shi4]2, n., private home. 
56.謚 [si1shi4]3, n., posthumous title conferred unofficially by people or relatives. 
57.史 [si1shi3], n., unofficial history, compiled by private persons. 
58.訴 [si1su4], n., a lawsuit brought by parties concerned, opp. 公訴 public prosecution. 
59.帑 [si1tang3], n., the king's private treasury. 
60.談 [si1tan2], v.i. & n., personal conversation, private chat. 
61.逃 [si1tao2], v.i., (of criminal) to escape secretly. 
62.財 [si1cai2], n., person's financial possessions, personal property. 
63.通 [si1tong1], v.t. & n., (1)  (have) liaison, between man and woman; (2)  play traitor (with enemy). 
64.藏 [si1zang4](1)  n., private treasury; (2)  ([si1cang2]) v.t., keep (arms, etc.) illegally. 
65.債 [si1zai4], n., personal debts. 
66.自 [si1zi4], adv., (do it) alone, secretly, (depart, etc.) without proper authorization. 
67.窩子 [si1wo1zi0], n., private brothel, see [si1ke1zi0]↑. 
68.務 [si1wu4], n., personal, private affairs. 
69.鹽 [si1yan2], n., smuggled salt, salt smuggling: 鹽包 smuggled person or things. 
70.益 [si1yi4], n., private profit. 
71.有 [si1you3], v.t., own, possess; 有物 private possession. 
72.願 [si1yUan4], n., personal wish. 
73.慾 [si1yU4], n., human passions, desires; (neo-Confucian) sinful desires, sin. 
74.運 [si1yUn4], v.i., illegally transport (arms, etc.). 
75.用 [si1yong4], n., private use. 
76.語 [si1yU3], n., a whisper; intimate or confidential talk.