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 ㄒㄧㄡˋ [xiu4.Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
VTo put forth flower: 而不實 (AC) put forth flower but bear no fruit.
AdjDelicate, frail and beautiful, distinguished, refined: 優學生 students with excellent records;
beautiful and slender (girl), clean, pleasant (face), refined (talent);
外慧中 (of girl) clear-eyed and intelligent;
才, [xiu4cai2], [xiu4nU3]↓.
Words1.拔 [xiu4ba2], adj., (callig.) graceful and distinguished. 
2.氣 [xiu4qi4], n., (1)  serene air of landscape; refined air of person; (2)  ([xiu4qi0]) adj., refined, delicate, well-made (article). 
3.出 [xiu4chu1], v.i., excel, be distinguished, see [xiu4ba2]↑. 
4.發 [xiu4fa1], adj., distinguished-looking. 
5.麗 [xiu4li4], adj., delicate, graceful. 
6.茂 [xiu4mao4], adj., (of talent) rich, blooming. 
7.美 [xiu4mei3], adj., beautiful, pretty. 
8.眉 [xiu4mei2], n., (1)  delicate eyebrows; (2)  a few especially long pieces of hair in eyebrow in some elderly person. 
9.女 [xiu4nU3], n., (1)  formerly, girl working in the imperial court; (2)  a young girl. 
10.色 [xiu4se4], n., prettiness: 色可餐 a beauty to feast one's eyes on. 
11.士 [xiu4shi4], n., (1)  a bachelor of arts; (2)  a well-cultivated young man. 
12.才 [xiu4cai2], n., formerly, a bachelor of arts or graduate of first degree: 才人情 gift by scholars, which are not expensive, but consist of some scroll of writing or painting; 窮才,不通才 (contempt.) a poor schoar (usu. a village teacher who does not know much except a rigmarole knowledge of a few Confucian classics). 
13.雅 [xiu4ya3], adj., elegant, refined.