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ㄈㄤˊ [fang2.Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
N(1)  A surname.
(2)  House ([fang2zi0]) 屋,[fang2wu1],[fang2she4]↓;
one-storied house;
several-storied house;
頂 house roof;
脊 ridge of roof;
錢,租 house rent;
契 house lease;
捐 house tax;
客 tenant;
帖 (兒) poster of house for rent.
(3)  Room: 廂 room;
,下 inner, outer rooms in house with courtyard, those living in these rooms;
guest room;
(洗) 澡 bathroom.
(4)  Branch of family: 長,二 eldest, second branch;
長,頭(兒), 老 (MC) head of branch.
(5)  Shop: 藥 pharmacy.
(6)  Compartmentarized structure: 蜂 beehive;
lotus pod.
(7)  Name of office or service: 茶 waiter;
treasurer, cashier.
Words1.產 [fang2chan3], n., house property, real estate. 
2.東 [fang2dong1], n., landlord, landlady. 
3.分 [fang2fen4], n., order of family branch. 
4.中術 [fang2zhong1shu4], n., art of love-making. 
5.老 [fang2lao3], n., (MC) head of maidservants; head of family branch. 
6.累 [fang2lei3], n., (MC) family (of officials living abroad). 
7.櫳 [fang2long2], n., house windows. 
8.舍 [fang2she4], n., house. 
9.下 [fang2xia4], n., (MC coll.) wife. 
10.事 [fang2shi4], n., sexual intercourse. 
11.帖(兒) [fang2tie3]([fang2tie1er0]), n., poster of “house for rent.” 
12.屋 [fang2wu1], n., house, building.