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ㄈㄨˊ [fu2 (*ㄅㄧˋ [bi4).Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
N([fu2zi0]) A duster.
V(1)  Brush, brush off: 塵,灰 brush off dust, ashes;
淚而別 wipe tears and leave;
桌子 to dust table;
抹 clean up;
(2)  To touch lightly as light breeze:春風面 the spring wind caresses the cheek;s
曉,[fu2xiao3], [fu2chen2]1↓.
(3)  To make a rapid sweeping motion: 袖而去 giving a sweeping jerk with (his) sleeves, (he) left;
衣而去 ditto, leave abruptly;
衣shake the clothing.
(4)  To cross one's wishes, to defy: 盛意 disobey your warm friendly wishes.
輿情 defy public sentiment;
逆,[fu2ni4] [fu2yi4]↓.
(5)  (AC) (*[bi4]) 士 (AC) straight-speaking advisors.
Words1.晨 [fu2chen2]1, adv., at daybreak. 
2.塵 [fu2chen2]2, v.i., (LL)shake off the dust of journey, give welcome dinner, more commonly 洗塵. 
3. [fu2fu2], adv., flapping. 
4.戾 [fu2li4], adj. disobedient, unruly. 
5.逆 [fu2ni4], v.t., ditto:不敢逆你的好意 dare not but obey your wishes. 
6.曉 [fu2xiao3], adv., at break of day. 
7.手 [fu2shou3], n., a duster. 
8.拭 [fu2shi4], v.t., brush clean (a mirror, etc.). 
9.子介 [fu2zi3jie4], n., Portuguese man-of-war, sponge-like creature, Hyalomena sieboldi
10.意 [fu2yi4], v.i., go against wishes; feel one's wishes thwarted.