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ㄇㄛˇ [mo3 (*ㄇㄛˋ [mo4). [Cogn. ㄇㄛ [mo1, 10A.81]Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
V(1)  To brush off, wipe clean, wipe off: 桌椅 wipe tables and chairs;
掉灰塵 dust off;
眼淚,鼻涕 wipe off tears, mucus;
了良心 ignore conscience, be ruthless;
零兒 wipe off decimals, forget the small change.
(2)  To smear, apply on: 粉 apply powder;
塗脂粉 apply facial make-up;
泥 (*[mo4]) smear mud;
水泥 (*[mo4]) apply cement;
稀泥 soften a person's anger by gentle words;
了一鼻子灰 get an awkward rebuff;
微雲 (*[mo4]) the hills touched with a wisp of clouds.
(3)  To play (mahjong): 骨牌 (running hand over the pieces).
(4)  ([mo3] or *[mo4]) To straighten one's face: 下臉來.
(5)  (*[mo4]) To turn: 頭進屋裡去 turned one's head and went in;
過林子 turn past a grove;
轉彎角 turn at different corners.
Words1.(了)脖子 [mo3]([le0])[bo2zi0], phr., (facet.) commit suicide. 
2.佈 [mo3bu4], n., dishcloth, rag for wiping tables. 
3.膩 [mo3ni0], adj., very neat and precise. 
4.殺 [mo3sha1], v.t., annihilate: 殺事實 ignore or suppress certain facts (also wr. 煞,摋). 
5.香鯨 [mo4xiang1jing1], n., big whale, Physeter macrocephalus, so named on account of ambergris 龍涎香, aromatic substance found in its intestines. 
6.胸 *[mo4xiong1], n., formerly, woman's vest for pressing down and concealing breasts. 
7.子 [mo3zi0], n., mason's spade for applying mortar.