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ㄆㄧ [pi1 (also ㄆㄟ [pei1 in certain vern. phrr.).Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
Vb(1)  To open, lay open: 心,肝露膽,瀝肝膽 lay open my heart (to urge, give honest advice or show loyalty);
露 publish, cause to be published (article);
襟 (fig. or lit.) bare breast.
(2)  To spread out, flutter, disperse: 髮,頭散髮 ([pi1] or [pei1]) wear hair disshevelled;
沙揀金 sift sand for gold, sift carefully.
(3)  To put on, wear: 衣而起 throw on gown and rise;
甲 put on armor;
麻帶孝 in deep mourning;
枷帶鎖 in cangue and shackles;
星戴月 journey or work under stars and moon in the night.
(4)  To open and read: 覽,誦 scan or read book, roll, letter.
Words1.風 [pi1feng1], n., ancient lady's cloak. 
2.拂 [pi1fu2] ([pei1fu2]), adj., moving in the wind. 
3.掛 [pi1gua4] ([pei1gua4]), adj., in military attire. 
4.紅 [pi1hong2] ([pei1hong2]), adj., covered with red sashes on festive occasions. 
5.肩 [pi1jian1], n., woman's shoulder-piece; stole. 
6.離 [pi1li2], adj., (LL) luxurious (growth of foliage). 
7. [pi1pi1], adj., (LL) trailing, blowing about (of girdles, willows). 
8.片兒 [pi1piaher0], v.i., be a beggar. 
9.頭 [pi1tou2], n., Beatles: 頭士,頭四. 
10.緇 [pi1zi1], v.i., (LL) wear black, i.e., become monk.