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ㄅㄚˊ [ba2. [Dist. 63B.82, 40B.82]Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
V(1)  To pull out, pluck, raise, move: 出 pull out;
釘,艸,門閂,毛 pull out a nail, weeds, door bolt, hair;
牙 to extract teeth;
腿 to take to one's heels;
不出腿來 cannot get off from pressing duties;
來報往 phr., exchange visits, have frequent contacts;
虎鬚 pull tiger’s whiskers (twist lion's tail);
幟 capture enemy's colors;
營 strike camp;
樹尋根 trace to very roots;
茅連茹 phr., (LL) promote good men who will bring in their associates;
本塞源 (AC) phr., abandon source, (MC) clear up source and restore purity.
(2)  Draw: 毒 draw out poison (pr. [ba3du2] in Peking dial.);
了短籌 draw a poor lot, i.e., be short-lived;
十得五 get fifty percent.
(3)  Select, promote, place ahead, pay out of order: 付,還 pay, repay first;
select candidates, talent;
擢,尤 select and promote the best;
前茅 phr., come out among the first in examinations or with honors;
山乎其類,乎其萃 phr., be distinguished from one's kind, be among the select best, see [ba2cui4]↓;
親 update wedding on account of scheduled funeral.
(4)  Rise from: 地而出 rise straight from the ground (of rock formations, etc.);
hence 海 degrees above sea level.
(5)  Capture (city, fort 城,寨).
(6)  To cool s.t. by water or ice: .
Words1.白 [ba2bai2], n., (MC) daybreak. 
2.步 [ba2bu4], v.i., to march forward, move forward quickly. 
3.闖 [ba2chuang4], v.i., step in and defend person being bullied. 
4.除 [ba2chu2], v.t., eradicate. 
5.群 [ba2qUn2], adj., outstanding. 
6.貢 [ba2gong4], n., government fellow, fellowship, selected from districts in Manchu Dyn., see 貢生 31.80. 
7.河 [ba2he2], v.i. & n., tug-of-war. 
8.火罐兒 [ba2huo3gua4er0], n., small funnel over casserole to help draw charcoal fire. 
9.薦 [ba2jian4], v.t., recommend for post or promote ahead of others. 
10.脯(兒) [ba2pu2]([er0]), n., man who stands straight (forward looking); 
11.脯子 [ba2pu2zi0], v.t., stick chest out as challenging attitude. 
12.摋 [ba2sha1], v.i. & t., (MC) separate. 
13.身 [ba2shen1], v.i., get away (from pressing duties). 
14.舌地獄 [ba2she2di4yU4], n., (Budd.) hell where tongues are split; “you will go to such hell” said of person with vicious tongue. 
15.絲(山藥) [ba2si1]([shan1yao1]), n., sugar-coated potato served red hot when sugar can be drawn out in threads; same with lotus-seeds, etc. 
16.萃 [ba2cui4], adj., outstanding, among the select best.