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ㄆㄠ [pao1. [Common var. ]Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
V(1)  To throw, cast: 石頭 throw stones;
磚引玉 “throw stones and bring back jade,”i.e., (of writings) a hope that my crude remarks may draw forth others by abler men;
網 cast net;
錨 cast anchor, (of cars) get stuck midway;
繡球 throw embroidered ball to select suitor;
頭露面 phr., (of woman) expose herself in public.
(2)  Cast away, abandon, esp. [pao1qi4]↓.
Words1.棄 [pao1qi4], v.t., abandon (family, responsibility, etc.). 
2.躲 [pao1duo2], v.t., (MC) abandon (lover). 
3.費 [pao1fei4], v.i., spend extravagantly. 
4.荒 [pao1huang1], v.t., neglect (studies), be neglected. 
5.擲 [pao1zhe2], v.i., to toss, haul. 
6.空(頭) [pao1kong1]([tou2]), v.i., speculate (on stocks); to sell short. 
7.盤(兒) [pao1pan2] ([pao1pa2er0]), v.i., (comm.) sell short (stocks, commodities); to give a quotation. 
8.閃 [pao1shan3], v.t., (MC) abandon. 
9.射 [pao1she4], v.i. & t., shoot by sling. 
10.售 [pao1shou4], v.t. & n., sell out at low prices; clearance sale. 
11.堶 [pao1tuo2], n., (AC) an anc. game consisting of throwing bricks or stones.