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ㄔㄡ [chou1.Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
V(1)  To draw in many senses: 煙 to smoke;
水 to pump water;
刀,劍 draw a knife, sword;
血 draw blood (for blood test);
膿 drain the pus;
鼻兒 blow the nose.
To take part or percentage from a lot: [chou1shui4]↓;
二成 take 20%;
+vb. to take random sample or draw lots by turn: 換,[chou1huan4], [chou1xUan3]↓.
(3)  To put forth: 芽 put forth sprouts: 絲 draw out thread (as cocoon).
(4)  To lash, beat: 他一下 give him a lash, as with whip.
(5)  To have spasms: 筋,[chou1jin1], [chou1feng1]1↓.
(6)  To gasp, sob: 噎噎 to sob;
(7)  Drive (ball) in tennis and table-tennis.
Words1.查 [chou1cha2], v.t., to inspect by random samples. 
2.籤(兒) [chou1qian1]([chou1qia1er0]), v.i., to draw lots; v.i.,to draw divination sticks before Buddha. 
3.氣 [chou1qi4], v.i., to gasp; 氣機 air pump. 
4.(兒) [chou1cha0]([er0]), v.i., (1)  to shrink: 越越小 shrink smaller and smaller; (2)  噎噎,搭搭 to sob intermittently. 
5.出 [chou1chu1], v.t., (1)  to draw out (as from casing, drawer); (2)  to select from a lot. 
6.搭 [chou1da0], v.i., make intermittent sobs; also 搭搭. 
7.打 [chou1da3], v.t., (1)  to whip (s.o.); (2)  ([chou1da0]) to beat clothing to remove dust. 
8.丁 [chou1ding1], v.i., to conscript men for government service. 
9.斗 [chou1dou3], n., (shanghai dial.) a drawer (=[chou1ti0]↓). 
10.分 [chou1fen1], n., a percentage, commission fee or discount; formerly, levy on commercial goods. 
11.瘋 [chou1feng1]1(1)  n., spasms, cramps; (2)  v.i., (abusive) behave abominably. 
12.豐 [chou1feng1]2, v.t. take a cut on purchase, etc.: 打豐 try to get a cut or get gifts, money from master. 
13.個兒 [chou1ge4er0], v.i., to dilute or otherwise reduce value of package. 
14.換 [chou1huan4], v.t., to replace parts of a whole. 
15.筋(兒) [chou1jin1] ([chou1jie1er0]), v.i., to have spasms. 
16.縐(兒) [chou1zhou0]([er0]), v.i., to shrivel up. 
17.考 [chou1kao3], v.i., to make sample examinations. 
18.空兒 [chou1kong4er0], v.i., take advantage of any free time (to write letters, etc.). 
19.冷子 [chou1leng3zi0], adv., to strike at unexpected moment, unexpectedly. 
20.身 [chou1shen1], v.i., to leave the place: 身不得 cannot leave place to do s.t. else. 
21.象 [chou1xiang4], adj., abstract: 象名詞 abstract nouns; 象畫 abstract painting. 
22.閒 [chou1xian2], v.i., see [chou1kong4er0]↑. 
23.水 [chou1shui3], v.i., (1)  to pump water; (2)  to take a percentage (as in gambling house.); 水機 a water pump; 水馬桶 flush toilet. 
24.稅 [chou1shui4], v.i., to levy tax. 
25.選 [chou1xUan3], v.t., to select from a lot. 
26.屜 [chou1tiao0], n., a desk drawer. 
27.條 [chou1tiao2], v.i., to dilute or otherwise reduce the contents of package. 
28.頭兒 [chou1tou2er0], v.i. & n., (the banker in gambling) takes a percentage. 
29.簪 [chou1zan1], v.i., (LL) to resign from office (remove a hairpin which was symbol of an official). 
30.演 [chou1yan3], v.t., (LL) to amplify (meaning). 
31.煙 [chou1yan1], v.i., to smoke, 
32.印本 [chou1yin4ben3], n., reprint of magazine article.