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ㄧㄚ [ya1 (*ㄧㄚˊ [ya2).Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
V(1)  To pawn, mortgage: 抵 v.t. & n., (put up) security for loan;
v.t. & n., mortgage.
(2)  To detain by police, to guard or watch from behind:扣起來 to detain person;
keep under detention;
解,[ya1jie4], [ya1song4]↓;
到警察局escort (suspect) to the police station;
車 to accompany and guard goods in cart;
(3)  To affix signature:簽 attach signature to contract;
make a sign in lieu of signature for the illiterate;
affix private mark (some kind of monogram) at the end.
(4)  U.f. 壓 51A.11, (a) press down, repress;
(b) to shelve (a paper) for later attention.
Words1.標金 [ya1biao1jin1], n., bond for a bid. 
2.契 [ya1qi4], n., a mortgage deed. 
3.床 [ya1chuang2], n., formerly, a torture bed, to which prisoner was fastened, (cf. Procrustean bed). 
4.當 [ya1dang4], v.i. & t., to pawn (s.t.). 
5.抵 [ya1di3], v.t., to mortgage, use as security for loan (also 抵). 
6.發 [ya1fa1], v.t., to send away (prisoner) under guard, see [ya1song4]↓. 
7.縫 *[ya2feng4], v.t., formerly, to sign on last and/or first page of old manuscript as testimonial. 
8.封 [ya1feng1], v.t., to seal and attach (property). 
9.號 [ya1hao4], n., a private mark as signature. 
10.後 [ya1hou4], v.i., to defer; to remand (in law). 
11.匯 [ya1hui4], n., a bill of exchange. 
12.賬 [ya1zhang4], v.i. & n., (use as) security for loan. 
13.解 [ya1jie4], v.t., to send away (prisoner, goods) under guard. 
14.金 [ya1jin1], n., deposit, security money. 
15.質 [ya1zhi4], v.t. & n., to pawn, mortgage. 
16.款 [ya1kuan3], v.i. & t., to borrow money with security. 
17.歲 [ya1sui4], n., a New Year gift esp. for children (usu.wr. 壓歲) 
18.送 [ya1song4], v.t., to send away under guard. 
19.頭 (兒) [ya1tou0]([er0]), n., (1)  security, collateral; (2)  (MC) officer in charge of prisoner being transported. 
20.租 [ya1zu1], n., deposit for rent. 
21.字 *[ya2zi4], n., signature. 
22.尾 *[ya2wei3], n., (1)  see [ya2feng4]↑; n., (2)  v.i., to bring up the rear. 
23.運 [ya1yUn4]1, v.t., to transport goods under guard. 
24.韻 [ya1yUn4]2, v.i., to rhyme (verse).