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ㄆㄞ [pai1 (occa. ㄆㄞˋ [pai4, *ㄆㄛˋ [po4).Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
N(Mus.) A beat: 一,兩節.
V(1)  To beat, clap, tap lightly: (巴)掌,手 clap hands in applause or to keep rhythm;
門 knock at door;
桌子 strike the table in anger;
(2)  To take certain actions: 照 to take a photo;
電 to send a telegram;
球 to play ball game;
老腔兒 to play the old tune, i.e., to talk like a Dutch uncle. In many cases interch. with 打.
Words1.案 [pai1an4], v.i., (LL) strike table in joy, surprise, anger; 案驚奇 name of collection of short stories. 
2.板 [pai1ban3], n., musical clapping board for indicating rhythm; such rhythm created; v.i., to beat time. 
3.打 [pai1da3], v.i., tap lightly. 
4.花子 [pai1hua1zi0], n., (dial.) swindler supposed to kidnap children by narcotic. 
5.節 [pai1jie2], n., time rhythm: 節稱賞 clap hands in appreciation; n., 節器 n., metronome. 
6.馬(屁) [pai1ma3] ([pi4]), v.t., (coll., vulgar) to flatter (person): 他的馬屁 flatter him. 
7.賣 [pai1mai4], n. & v.i., auction, sell by auction. 
8.子 [pai1zi0], n., (mus.) a beat. 
9.網子 [pai1wang3zi0], n., snare for birds; (fig.) swindle in confidence game by showing off wealth.