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ㄉㄧˇ [di3 (*ㄓˇ [zhi3).Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
V(1)  To resist, deny: 不住 cannot hold against;
抗,賴,當,[di3kang4], [di3lai4], [di3dang3], [di3zhi4] ↓.
(2)  To serve as compensation, collateral: 補,押,[di3bu3], [di3ya1], [di3xiao1] ↓;
扺命 to pay for life with life.
(3)  To reach, arrive at: esp. [di3da2] ↓;
美 arrive at the United States;
任 arrive at post for duty.
(4)  Point out: 瑕蹈隙 (LL) point out flaws.
(5)  (*[zhi3]) To tap: 掌而談 chat leisurely (“tapping the palm”).
Words1.補 [di2bu3], n., compensation. 
2.償 [di3chang2], v.i. & t., to compensate for loss. 
3.觸 [di3chu4], v.i. & t., conflict with: 相觸, also wr. 牴. 
4.當 [di2dang3], v.t., (1)  to resist, also wr. 擋; (2)  [di3dang4], to mortgage. 
5.達 [di3da2], v.t., reach (place): 達英國 arrive in England. 
6.掌 [di3zhang3], v.i., in 掌而談 have a close, intimate talk (“tapping hands”); also pr. [zhi2zhang3]
7.制 [di3zhi4], v.i. & t., to boycott. 
8.抗 [di3kang4], v.t., offer resistance, oppose, boycott: 抗日貨 boycott Japanese goods; 抗侵略 resist aggression. 
9.賴 [di3lai4], v.i., refuse to admit (guilt). 
10.銷(消) [di3xiao1], v.i., as in 相銷 cancel out each other. 
11.死 [di2si3], adv., stubbornly “until death,” to the end: 死不從,死不承認 refuse to submit, admit, even unto death; 死醉了 be dead drunk. 
12.牾 [di2wu3], v.i., (LL) conflict with, see [di3chu4]↑. 
13.押 [di3ya1], v.i. & n., (offer as) collateral; 押品 collateral for loan.