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ㄅㄠˋ [bao4.Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
N(1)  A surname.
(2)  A fathom (embraced by two outstretched arms), as a measure of a tree trunk's circumference (=圍).
V(1)  To carry in breast, to embrace, to make an enclosing gesture, to hold with both arms: 小孩 carry a child in arms;
火柴 carry a bundle of firewood;
薪救火 phr., add fuel to the fire;
空窩 be left out on a limb;
火盆兒,砂鍋 or 瓦罐 be beggar;
雪向火 phr., do thankless task;
平時不燒香,臨時佛腳 neglect one’s prayers in times of peace, then embrace the Buddha's feet in a crisis;
粗腿 (coll.) be hanger-on of the rich and powerful;
頭鼠竄 flee with arms covering one's head;
頭痛哭 cry in one another's arms;
孫子 to have a grandson born.
(2)  To adopt a baby: 這小孩是來養的 or 養的 this child is an adopted one .
(3)  To nourish a grudge, hope, etc. in one's heart: 恨終天 harbor an eternal sorrow (regret);
委屈 feel injured;
憾,怨,[bao4han4], [bao4yUan4], [bao4fu4]↓;
one's ambition;
定決心,主意 hold firmly a determination, decision;
著一腔熱誠 be filled with enthusiasm;
著希望 entertain a hope;
樂觀,悲觀 be optimistic, pessimistic;
不平 feel injustice done to another and wish to help;
殘守缺 phr., be a stickler for ancient ways and things, be a traditionalist;
關擊柝 (AC) serve as gatekeeper and night watchman.
(4)  To carry on, burdened with: 痛;
痛西河 phr., suffer sorrow of losing one's son;
恙工作 carry on work while sick.
(5)  To fit nicely: 腳兒 (shoes) fit the feet nicely;
身兒 (dress) fit nicely.
Words1.冰 [bao4bing1], v.i., (AC) train oneself to endure hardships. 
2.歉 [bao1qian4], v.i., feel sorry, apologetic: 歉得很 I am so sorry. 
3.屈 [bao4qU1], v.i., feel being wronged. 
4.牘 [bao4du2], v.i., (LL) be in charge of documents. 
5.負 [bao4fu4], n., ambition: 負不凡 have great life ambition. 
6.憾 [bao4han4], v.i., have a secret regret (for life 終身). 
7.恨 [bao4hen4] v.i., ditto. 
8.火盆的 [bao4huo3pen2de0], n., (coll.) beggar. 
9.柱 [bao4zhu4], v.i., (LL) be faithful to death (allu. to lover who held on to a bridge pile during rising tide and died rather than quit rendezvous); v.i., 柱對兒 n., pair of couplet inscribed on curved panels fitting round posts. 
10.愧 [bao4kui4], v.i., feel ashamed. 
11.念 [bao4nian4], v.t., remember or think of (person). 
12.罪 [bao4zui4], v.i., feel guilty. 
13.窩 [bao4wo1], v.i., (of hen) sit on eggs. 
14.養 [bao4yang3], v.i., raise another's child. 
15.恙 [bao4yang4], see V.t. 4↑. 
16.腰 [bao4yao1], v.t., (coll.) support, assist, usu. with money. 
17.怨 [bao4yUan4], v.i., keep grudge against (person); v.t., 怨某人 blame s.o.